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We' re gonna have to complain about this Srilankan Airlines money theft system. SriLankan Airlines With SriLankan Airlines, you can make your journey with SriLankan Airlines even more comfortable. Our goal is to continually refine your experiences and self-service by offering an easy-to-access portable device with the features below: - Give us your invaluable feedback so that we can better our deliverables to better fulfill your needs and better service you.

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In June I had 2 departures from London to Colombo with SriLankan Airlines for a 2-week vacation (Out Busines, Re-entry Economy). Our holidays have been arranged through a tour operator who informed us to cancel the flight one months in advance, the fee is 280 per passenger.

Impressed that the management charge for this type of alteration was nearer to 50 per pound, so almost 600 pounds for both of us seems too high, which is more than just making a New York departure for one on the same date! Not sure if our agency will charge additional fees, but I can't see the fees described somewhere on the SriLankan Airlines website.

ANNOUNCER: Any help would be very welcome! When you phoned the airlines, what did they tell you? Don't think it's better to get formal information from the carrier than a lot of foreigners who aren't agent or employee of the carrier. There would probably be a charge for modification + any discrepancy in the ticket price.

Since you have made your booking through a tour operator, they could also increase their own rates for carrying out the work - you would be bound by two different terms and conditions (airline and TA). Impressed that the management charge for this type of modification was nearer to 50 per pound - in my London based UK based business my advice is that you can exchange about 200 plus the price differential charges to the carrier.

They can also have the agency charges added. In order to resolve this, there is a small date adjustment charge levied by the carrier, but the most important point is that your new appointments should have the same or lower tariffs, otherwise you will be burdened with the price differential, which can be a great deal of moneys!

Possibly you can reduce the amount to be paid by looking for other data for which a lower tariff is available. Best of luck, enjoying your holidays in Sri Lanka, it's beautiful there! They should try to talk to the SriLankan Airline London Bureau and see what they say. We found out that it was the price differential, as our initial ticket was purchased in a specific offering time, but we were able to reclaim the differential through our trip cancellation policy, so we weren't too out of our pockets in the end.

Just returned from our Sri Lanka journey, really liked it! My one-way ticket had to be cancelled completely, the fee was almost the whole ticket price. No other airline charges such high fees. My previous experiences with the date of amendment are different, the same thing happens.

There was a fee for the date shift that corresponded to the new ticket price. We' re gonna have to file a complaint about this Srilankan Airlines cash theft system. Though I am a Sri Lankan, what I thought will never again go with Sri Lanka. Within and outside the plane Srilankan is a bad one. "The one-way ticket I purchased had to be cancelled completely, the cancelation fee was almost the total ticket price.

There is no other carrier that charges so much. "I dare say you can find similar cases with any carrier. A lot of plane fares cannot be reimbursed at all. It' not misconduct, it's what happens to many, many carriers when you buy the lowest fares - no reimbursable ticket that means guessing what?

Instead of slandering Sri Lankan airline companies for setting the condition you accepted when you bought a ticket, you may want to read the condition of a ticket before you buy it.

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