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A taxi

Taxis St-Jérôme offers regular, adapted, medical, school and CIT Laurentides public taxi transportation at a competitive price. Contact a taxi company. Taxi reservation - For individuals It' never been so easy to order a cab. Your taxi reservation could not be transmitted. Please enter your departure address.

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Taxi Un Mauve

The Purple Taxi is an excellent film, full of spirit, ambiance, atmosphere and some of the best landscapes in Ireland. Drama is great by Ustinov, Noiret, Rampling, who is the star who performs Rampling's sister, and Astaire. There are a number of different countries who live in Ireland and who are trying to solve their own problem and improve their lives are supported by the smart Irishman Astaire, who knows them all.

He also shows insights into the life of others as he tries to solve his own individual issues. Whilst all the performers are great, Noiret is more than great - a truly excellent work.


Tariff 1 (urban) applies on days of the week from 6:00 to 22:00. Tariff 2 (urban) applies on working days from 22:00 to 6:00, Saturday from 15:00, Sunday, public holiday and on 24 and 31 December. Tariff 3 (Intercity) applies on working days from 06:00 to 22:00. Tariff 4 (Intercity) is valid on days of the week from 22:00 to 06:00, Sundays and public holiday.

A Coruña, ?0.75. A Coruña, ?0.75. Coruña Airport: 3,60 ?.

Cab St-Jérôme #1 in the Laurentians.

Since 1979, Taxi St-Jérôme has been the leading provider in the Dutch Laurentias. Regular transportation, adapted transportation, public taxis are some of our service. The cars are computer controlled for fast call distribution, they are checked regularly. The Laurentian Taxis Company, today known as Taxi St-Jérôme, was founded in 1979 through the merger of the two main companies Taxi St-Jérôme and Taxi Du Parc.

Thanks to its 40 driver shareholders, who enable it to offer a fast 24-hour chauffeur assistance around the clock, Taxi St-Jérôme is the most efficient company in the region. In addition to regular transportation, our cabs offer various additional transportation options to make your life easier. The company's headquarters are located in the heart of downtown St-Jérôme, and in order to facilitate the provision of our range of products and solutions, the vehicles used are distributed throughout our territory; from the south (St-Antoine sector) to the north (Bellefeuille sector), via the Lafontaine sector.

For more than 35 years, our company has been serving the people of Jerômienne and the surrounding cities. It is therefore very well anchored in the region, both economically and socially. In addition, almost all shareholders and employees live in the region.

Taxis St-Jérôme has always maintained its leading position in the taxi industry throughout the Laurentian region.

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