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Contact Pco License Number

If you have lost your PCO badge/license, the simple fact is that you are not allowed to work as a private rental driver. This is how you apply for licenses for taxis and private rental cars (PHV) inside and outside London. Legal licensing features - e-mail. Private car rental license is required to operate a private car rental licensed by this authority.

Taxis and rentals for individuals

13 AUG 2018 Update --- The official hearing ends at 23:59 13.8.2018. However, you can still consult the field "TAXI & PRIVATE HEIRECULTATION 2018 " on the bottom of this page and consult all consultative documentation. The Hackney cars and personal rental cars are playing an important role in providing an end-to-end urban transportation system within Walsall.

This is the Council's view and view that a single European harmonised norm should be applicable to both registered rolling stock and all operators, regardless of the incidence or degree of use. To present the cars professionally and to give the customer a pleasure.

According to the Act, a license must be obtained before a Hackney carrier or personal rental car can be used for commercial purposes. They are exhibited by the taxi office, which pursues three principal objectives: to give our clients the support and instruction they need to offer an outstanding level of customer support to the general community.

improving the standard of the privately rented and hackneyed transport services. Those objectives are the foundation on which we make our choices when it comes to registering our cars. Every driver of a hackney coach or personal rental car must have a cab driver's license before they can go into use. Every Hackney car and personal rental car must also have a driver's license before it can be used as a cab.

Rental services are operated by a company that receives reservations from clients and forwards them to a licenced chauffeur and car in the area for which he is authorised to work. Rental cars must always be reserved in advance. Obligation of the owner to hold a licence for privately owned landlords. During the following times the taxi center is open:

Below you will find a list of contact details for Hire Driver and Landlord:

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