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Are you looking for a reliable taxi service, contact us today at Premier Taxi in Minot, ND! Obtain directions, reviews and information for Premier Taxi in Geneva, OH. Minot Taxi, ND | Premier Taxi (701) 578-8328 No matter what your reasons, Premier Taxi's transport solutions are always there for you! Though we are equipped for taxi and messenger operations, we accept persons of all age groups for taxi transport, hotels and other transport purposes. Premier Taxi's transport options make sure you're comfortable from and to anywhere.

Our specialty is to provide safer travel at an accessible cost for those who need it. In our taxi business the taxis are all very neat and are operated by our kind, experienced chauffeurs. Should you ever need dependable and secure transport service, please do not hesitate to call us today at Premier Taxi in Minot, ND for more information about our available transport service.

Premier Taxi is unbeatable for the most secure trips in the city!

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Well, we had a great time in the premier cab. She was our rider and she was beautiful. Scott, the rider, was really cute and I give him crazy requisites because he took on us. Rider was 30 microns too late. Mm. The van was dirty, stank of tobacco fumes, clever minder. Denied using the services, got a ber instead.

My dear, our guesthouse suggested a first-class taxi. It was Jim, the proprietor, who provided us with the complete daily services at a sensible cost. Driving us to the vineyard, he suggested great places. In the evening we ordered a taxi, a group of 9 people, the weather was very cool and soaked. The time was 10:25 and the taxi hadn't arrived yet, and.....

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All in all: I will refrain from this enterprise at all cost. Calling to make an appointement, the dude on the telephone said to send him a message. I had to call another taxi after more than 1 hours. but they never showed up, so I had to go to the airports myself.

And when they didn't show up, I phoned and they didn't have a file. Sub-data by info group (c) 2018.

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