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Booking flights to Sri Lanka and start your journey with us. Book online your flight to Calcutta with Srilankan Airlines and enjoy the lowest prices. Over Abu Dhabi (AUH) The beauty of Abu Dhabi is its absence of transport, large orchards, magnificent parklands and long highways. Abu Dhabi is the German capitol of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most rapidly evolving contemporary metropolises in the globe. It is also the center of the government of the United Arab Emirates.

It conveys a nice image of historic and intercultural value. As you move in and around the town, you'll see architectonic beauty such as historic buildings, ancient landmarks, and heavenly shopping centres. This town looks pretty lively and happens all year round. Travelers from all over the globe come here and find this capital better than Dubai.

You will find a number of places to visit where you can experience the true charms of this town. Abu Dhabi's most beloved tourist destination is the Sheikh Zayed Megay. This is the sixth biggest one on the globe. It is a symbolic place for true unbelievable arts and true beauties.

Access to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is limited to non-Muslims. Several of the other places are Corniche, Flagpole, Khalifa Park and the Abu Dhabi Cultural Centre. When visiting Abu Dhabi, don't miss the opportunity to swim in one of the city' own bars. One of the best things you will find about Abu Dhabi is its famous Kamelrennen.

It is also the best season to come and see the festivals. November to March is the best period to spend in Abu Dhabi. Here you will also find the worlds greatest and greatest hotel with state-of-the-art facilities. Spend a fantastic period in Abu Dhabi with your loved ones and loved ones.

It is also possible to search for Abu Dhabi travel deals on this specific site. Dhaka is the capitol of Bangladesh and radiates a particular antique charme. Dhaka lies on the Buriganga River and is characterised by the enchanting natural beauties. All of Dhaka is dotted with thousands of streams, shimmering grasslands and luxuriant bush.

The Dhaka is a country with old relicts; one can find beautiful remnants of buddhistic civilisations. Known for its excellent textile and antique fabric and antique collection, the town has been named one of the world' s top artisan exporting cities. The ferry service runs from and to Sadarghat harbour in Old Dhaka.

Chandpur is another large riverside resort only 3-4 hour from Dhaka. The area of architectonic marvels features splendid the Baitul Mukarram Nationbal Mosque and the Star Mosque, both of which were erected in the eighteenth cenury. Dhaka is full of impressive archaeological sites with huge cupolas like the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, the Mukti Juddha Museum and the Ahsan Manzil Museum.

Restaurant's in this town are always prepared to provide exquisite meals and drinks to you. Here you can get inexpensive airline ticket, inexpensive rent a car, inexpensive hotel and travel packages. The Sri Lankan Airways, the Sri Lankan flags, began operations in 1979. Sri Lankan Airways' aircraft portfolio comprises a combined 13 aircraft.

Aeroplanes are stunning and provide secure passenger transport. In addition to low fares and countless passenger amenities, it offers many amenities during the trip. Traveling with this carrier will be an unforgettable event for you. Skytrax awarded the prize for the friendliest cabin crew in the world for its convenient passenger service.

Each passenger is free to select their own choice of foodstuffs. Travellers are given full priority and specific meal options, such as no snacks and baby foods, can be purchased via the on-line reservation system.

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