Srilankan Airlines Booking Confirmation

Booking confirmation of Srilankan Airlines

The day before we had visited the website of the Sri Lankan airline and allocated seats via "Manage my bookings". Ahmedabad International Airlines / Bangalore International Airlines / Easy SriLankan Airlines Ticketbuchung online bei Expedia. Please contact SriLankan Airlines - UK: Lankan Sri Airways already once and had no reservations to book a flight with them again. Despite the fact that we had the confirmation and we at the.

SriLankan Airlines London, United Kingdom Office Contact

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with SriLankan Airlines - UK: Below you will find the SriLankan Airlines UK support information, phone numbers and addresses. Contacts can be found below for new bookings, cancellations, refunds, luggage pick-ups, low fares, quotes or other inquiries regarding SriLankan Airlines. Central House, 3 Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 2HY, United Kingdom.

Sri Lanka A330-200 Economy - Colombo to Malé

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Sri Lanka's A330-300 cabin is exemplified by images taken from the island's exceptional variety and natural beauties, including the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Business Class single soft toy seating in a Hering-Bone arrangement provides easy entry, more private space and instant corridor entry for each and every traveller.

Atmospheric lights, single socket computer and Wi-Fi connection give the demanding traveler the freedom of combining personal space with convenience and luxuries to enjoy a long trip. Aircrafts are fitted with the latest in on-board communications and amusement equipment to ensure passenger convenience and connection.

Thales Avant, an Android-based audio-video-on-demand system in Economy and Business classes; the Smart Videon Display Unit (SVDU) with 10 screens. "6 "6 in economy to 15. "4 "4" in business; and the Touch Passenger Hand-held Media Unit (TPMU), which serves as an additional touch-sensitive display for web browser, interactivity and e-mail.

In addition, they are fitted with a " SriLankan link ", WiFi and mobile (GSM) connection, which allows users to e-mail, twitter, send SMS text messaging, make phone calls and browse the web during the journey. And SriLankan Airlines is the first carrier in the industry to operate the Thales AVANT in-flight entertaining and connection system with an app that delivers real-time messaging and wheather, enabling Sri Lankan passenger to keep in touch with the latest global information.

BBC-News, AFP and AccuWeather broadcast life contents on the co-driver screen with on-demand login. Watch our latest product, provide passengers with a full picture update and 5-day forecast for 50 select destinations. Situated on the first storey of BIA's departures hangar facing Aircraft Parking Bay, "Serendib" is an exclusive SriLankan Airlines lounge for its key clients.

The Serendib Lounge, with a 80-person and 20-person space, offers an elegantly designed and relaxing atmosphere to meet the discerning needs of the discerning contemporary traveler. The SriLankan Holidays is the recreational branch of the carrier that supports trips to and from Sri Lanka and at all points in the airline's global communications system.

The SriLankan Holidays Group is a partner of many major hotel, travel and tourist organizations to offer travelers a full choice of vacation options with a comprehensive approach that encompasses tailor-made package deals. FlySmiLes, the SriLankan Airlines frequently flier program, provides its members with a broad spectrum of benefits: in May of this year, the carrier was accepted into the on-eworld carrier association.

The best Platinum, Classic and Gold classes, ClubSmiLes, are aligned with the corresponding top levels around the world. With the addition of one World, members of one World can now gain over 650 loop locations at over 150 international hubs and links to nearly 1000 global destination on all one World member airlines while benefiting from free ticketing, upgrade, lounge entry, extra baggage, pre-assigned seats and prioritization for flights to Sri Lanka.

FlySmiLes will continue to provide its faithful clients with more ways to collect and spend mileage through its selection of airlines and non-airline employees from partner airlines in the hotel, restaurant, retailing and transport industries.

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