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Learnjet for sale in Great Britain

Great new jets and great pilots in Great Britain and Europe. LEARJET 45 BOMBARDIER | Exclusive aircraft Bombard Learjet 45 for sale. Offering everything pioneering for the Bombardier Learjet 45 - and more. Bombardier Learjet 45 provides everything that is pioneering for Bombardier Learjet 45 and more. Learjet 45 is easy to get into and out of many smaller and remote airfields.

The Learjet 45 can directly ascend to 13,106 metres (43,000 feet) in less than 25 min and flies at over 450kts. Located at an altitude of 15,545 meters (51,000 feet), these planes will float in a room with little turmoil or airflow. A plane is personalized by the many intricacies that make it your own.

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For sale Learjet 40 XR

Learjet 40 XX R is a state-of-the-art luxurious aircraft with up to six passenger capacities that can be bought on the street for just $4.2 million plus tax. The 40 for sale is 5 years old and has been lovingly looked after by a London resident foreman.

Class 60XR Learjet for sale tttps

An unassuming plane with a good looking aviator and a well dressed cabin steward. Learjet manufactures commercial and defence aircraft. The company was established in recent years by William Powell Lear Jr. I know every part of this plane. A Learjet When the carrier just doesn't match your time.

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Medium size privately owned aircraft from a UK and European based family.

Medium and large-sized nozzles. Our medium sized planes include planes that can travel up to 4 hrs with 8 passangers and up to 2 hrs with 10 passangers. Each of these privatly owned aircraft has much bigger standing staterooms with large laundry rooms and good outside luggage compartments.

Citation Sovereign is a large medium-sized aircraft capable of carrying out mission around the world. Entry into the USA from Europe with a slight burden of passengers with this aircraft is possible without interruption. It has a very large standing cab, amusement system, counter, leather folding seat and a reach of about six and a half hour with a high loading.

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