rental agreement

LeasingPlan Corporation As a result, a large customer base has emerged on an interna-tional and national scale, which likes to delegate its needs for portability to LeasePlan. Backed by our dedication to continual improvement and improvement, our global clientele benefits from the following global service offerings through our global network: purchase and sourcing, balancing, insuring, repairs, maintenance and tires, collection and supply chain operations, costs tracking system, crash handling, equipment sourcing, equipment sourcing, equipment consultancy, equipment re-marketing and sales.

The LeasePlan has pledged to achieve net zero emission from its own fleets by 2030 to help effectively implement the Paris Agreement. And LeasePlan is a co-founder of EV100, a new worldwide commercial drive to accelerate the adoption of electronic communications and infrastructures. LeasePlan's harmonized portfolio of vehicle leasing solutions supports customers in monitoring vehicle leasing expenditure, optimizing vehicle leasing procedures, enhancing driving comfort and reducing vehicle emission.

Our cooperation programs transform our clients' needs and budgets into appropriate and concrete international and domestic business solution. LeasePlan's Consultancy Services are a group of professionals with many years of expertise in the finance and automobile sector. You have a demonstrated history of providing value and customer benefits by working in a wide range of areas that include vehicle costs assessment and monitoring, vehicle deployment processes assessment and enhancement, industrial and peak group benchmarks, environmental consulting for vehicle fleets, OEM bidding assistance and vehicle guidelines design.

FleetReporting is LeasePlan's worldwide report ing-tool, which offers a worldwide consolidation of all important information on fleets. It assists multinational fleets to implement a balance based fleets governance framework, to implement and comply with fleets policies, to assess the impact of changes in fleets policies, and to communicate pro-actively and effectively changes in internal fleets policies.

For more information on our broad spectrum of vehicle leasing programs, from Carsharing programs to Telematic Solution, Vehicle Insurances and more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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