Srilankan Airlines Fleet

Sri Lankan Airlines Fleet

The SriLankan Airlines fleet includes Airbus A320neo The SriLankan Airlines Group has started commissioning the first of its newest Airbus jets. Delivered today, 27 February, the A320neo is the first A320neo and A3321neo in its fleet. Launching this new fleet of planes will help improve passenger experience and refocus the fleet on the airline's new Asia and Middle East strategy.

In 2016, with the arrival of seven new A330-300 widebody jets, the long-haul fleet was significantly expanded and passenger comfort was increased, with a state-of-the-art seating and entertaining system, an outstanding galley and cabin crews known for their comfort and care. As part of the airline's aggressive approach, two Airbus A320neo and four A321neo will be added to its fleet in just over a year.

Deliveries of the second A320neo are planned for April 2017, followed by the first and second A320neos in the second trimester. The third part of the A4321neo is expected to come before the end of 2017, the forth part is due in the first three months of 2018. Orders for these planes were placed several years ago.

This revised fleet will allow the carrier to streamline its revised concept for streamlined and more effective operations. The Airbus Industries'neo' line (neo means'New Engine Option') has already proved very successful in the aviation world. Featuring the latest engine and aircraft aerodynamics improvements, the A320neo Family delivers more than 15 per cent less consumption from the very first flight and 20 per cent less consumption by 2020.

The A320neo Family has a 60 per cent plus customer base in its class, with over 4,800 orders from 89 of them. It is the world's best-selling A320 Family with over 12,800 orders since inception and more than 7,300 deliveries to some 400 global customer and operator bases.

Featuring the broadest cabins, all A320 Family members provide unsurpassed levels of class accommodation and Airbus 18-inch width seat in economics as standards. SriLankan's international office operates a comprehensive international office system, with 101 towns and villages in 47 countries. SriLankan is also a member of the on-eworld air travel alliances, connecting its travellers with oneworld's international travel hub with more than 1,000 international destination in 160 states.

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