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In the United States, Canada and Mexico, Sunset Aviation, Inc. provides charter, acquisition, management and maintenance services for jets and turboprop aircraft. Sunset Aviation, Inc. key personnel Find out more about working at Sunset Aviation. Find out who you know at Sunset Aviation, use your professional network and get hired.

After the insolvency of JetDirect, Sunset Aviation has risen again.

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Only available to subscription users, please make sure you are signed in if you want to track a history. Notice: This function is only available to subscription users; make sure you are signed in if you want to track a history. Sunset Aviation of Petaluma has undergone restructuring and is currently in the process of entering into insolvency proceedings with its JetDirect holding comany.

JetDirect, the domestic flight charters company, rolled up all Sunset Aviation Inc. staff on March 2 before applying for insolvency cover under Section 7 on March 6. Sunset's reorganization by Dan Drohan, the company's founding partner, principal and serving CEO, led to the creation of Sunset Aviation LLC. After Gregory Campbell, JetDirect Aviation Holdings LLC chairperson, heralded all of Sunset Aviation Inc.'s staff on vacation on March 2, the company's new LLC reduced the number of staff employed by all but 10 per cent.

of Sunset Aviation Inc. which provides warehousing, servicing and chartering of lightweight aircraft, was divested by Mr Drohan to the Burlingam-based JetDirect in May 2007. Mr Drohan started the business at the tender of 20 and ran it for 17 years. Last October, JetDirect announces its intention to make Sunset Aviation Inc. its California-based lightweight aircraft and turbo prop operations manager and operator entity.

Commenting in a news bulletin at the meeting, Mr. Campbell said, "Today, Sunset is an established market player in this industrial area. Sunset? will utilize its knowledge and engineering to manage and operate more than 35 turbo prop, lightweight and aviation certified aircraft and aircraft jets.? Due to the economic situation, however, JetDirect was not able to continue operation with Sunset.

Sovereign Bank backed the asset and all staff were informed of all salaries and expenses due to them, which would be considered uncovered debt of the insolvency estates. The new Sunset is planning to resume its charters with offices in Novato, Santa Rosa, Napa, Concord, Hayward, San Francisco and Sacramento, as well as five other states, and is planning to transform the airline in the next few weeks.

Mr. Drohan will act as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, while veteran Jake Cartwright, John King and Greg Petersen will join as Seniors. The former JetDirect managing directors Mark Spindler, Dave Weil and Marla McGatlin will also join the group. Mr. Drohan was concerned about the incapacity to recruit all former Sunset Aviation Inc. staff.

During the 17 years we've been in the business,? Mr. Drohan said, ? we've never fired a staff member.? That 10 per cent were in scheduled services, airlines and aircraft servicing,? Mr Drohan said. In any case, this means that they had to hire out a large part of the servicing work anyway.

More than 80 Sunset staff, 40 of whom are pilot, and the remainder is the Petaluma administrative team. Mr Drohan said, "We are very excited to be advancing this new project. Our outlook for the new Sunset is very positive and we have budgeted and expect to achieve significant momentum in the next few month despite the difficult business climate.

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