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Magic Taxi App

Taxicab Magic App changes the name, records it with Uber, Lyft and others. Taxi Magic taxiummoning telephone app receives a facelift that features enhanced service, a new chief executive officer and a more trendy four-letter name: Curb. Re-branding, to be introduced today, is the latest volley in the struggle between a besieged taxi industy and carpooling opportunities like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar.

Taxibetrieb Magic, which was introduced in 2009, was not able to rival carpool operators who link passenger to driver with no license and restricted business underwriting. RideCharge, Inc. was "satisfied with the old appliance, but not happy," said new Curb CEO Pat Lashinksy, who is starting the business this past months.

Just 12 per cent of Taxi Magic clients use Taxi Magic to call a taxi, while almost half call a dispatching company and about a fourth come from the road. A number of different types of transport are available to choose from, from taxi to limousine. Taxicab Magic was restricted to cabs, Lashinksy said, because some states govern the use of the word "taxi" in the name of a taxi name.

Über is offering licenced and fully assured sevices for SUVs and SUVs in supplement to its lower cost carpooling UberX SERV. Curb' fares will still be higher than Uber and Lyft, who can buy less than cabs because they don't hire staff to hire and educate new people. Furthermore, Uber and Lyft are not bound by the same set of regulations as they are classed as " transport networks " or rather a TNC and not as a taxi company.

As a rule, the TNC is much less expensive than a taxi, but its cost increases when there is a high level of use. If you order a taxi through Curb, you get the same fare as when you call on the road. The Curb allows visitors to see how far away a taxi is after they have ordered a trip, just like on the TNC.

This app also allows taxi riders to know where their riders are. That is a big benefit because part of the reasons why cabs sometimes take so long to get there is that they stop to get an additional ticket even though they are on their way to collect a ticket that was requested through a dispatching point, Lashinksy said.

That kind of behaviour is "a very short-term decision," which is "bad for everyone," he said, because it gives taxi cabs a poor reputation. A big distinction between Taxi Magic and Curb is that if a driver stops on the way to another person for an additional charge, they are excluded from the app for five consecutive hour.

Mr Lashinksy said that motorists today are much more willing to make innovations.

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