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RENTAL SERVICES INCL. The Charter Services, Inc. company is dedicated to your Excellency at Chartering Buses........... Our speciality is to offer secure and reliable bush charter for school, church, organisation or individual at cost effective rates. arter Services, Inc. co-ordinates tour agreements with a number of renowned coach operators to offer smooth, reliable services at competitively priced rates.

Every one of these coach operators invests a lot in the maintenance of a secure transport network. With pleasure we take over the entire organisation of group trips, congresses, promotions, excursions, business get-togethers etc. for you, so that you can carry out your plans effortlessly. arter Services, Inc. is based on repetitive transactions and recommendations from happy clients.

charter services, Inc. is dedicated to security and client fulfillment. Proud to be polite, prompt and effective so that you have the best possible travelling experiences. 2006 Charter Services Inc.

Coach Company - Transportation Charter Services, Inc - Charter bus and coach rental - Los Angeles | Orange County, CA

AGREEMENT: In operation since: TCS has been active in the Los Angeles charter services since 1984 and has been offering charter services to passengers for 32 years. This new system is designed to maintain a sound basis for businesses and clients that have evolved over the company's life. In the past, TCS concentrated mainly on the education and religion markets, but the new owner adds a new level with many years of success in the tour and travel markets and over 30 years of professionalism.

Our allegiance to an entrenched TCS vision, our dedication to the sector and our dedication to innovations will deliver the power for an exciting company tomorrow. TCS offers charter services for any group outside California for daily excursions and accommodations to your desired destinations.

TCS offers services for national and multinational in-bound travel agencies with delayed trains. The TCS buses are specially designed for the travel industry to meet the needs of travel agents for first-rate, convenient transport. Located in Los Angeles, CA and Calgary, AB, TCS is a point of contact for travel companies that run programmes in California, the National Parks and Canyonlands, and the Rockies of Canada.

Los Angeles and Anaheim are home to many pro and recreational sport organisations. The TCS is in a strategic location to serve this sector with a state-of-the-art aircraft portfolio and seasoned operations with a long tradition in this area. The TCS is easily accessible to serve all incoming conferencing facilities for a wide range of sporting activities.

Delegate to and from their hotel to facility travel, city walks, event and aerodrome travel requires delegate travel. The TCS has the capabilities to offer services to large ground handling companies as well as to single groups that require a transport to and from local gateways.

Many companies are focusing on the provision of employee shuttle buses as part of an environmental awareness drive to reduce the number of vehicles on CA roads. At TCS, we proactively seek these possibilities and have a robust supporting structure, regardless of scale or area.

Shipment & Agency Services - TCS is on call 24h a day to provide airline services due to adverse conditions and to transport firefighters for emergencies.

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