Srilankan Airlines Special Offers

Sri Lankan Airlines Special Offers

Srilankan Airlines offers several entertainment options that fill the boring moments of long international flights. Spacious cabin with elegantly designed interiors and on-board service that makes you feel special. With Sri Lankan Airlines you can discover a range of Sri Lankan holiday offers, including hotel deals, charter and yacht discounts and exclusive wellness offers. Benefit from a range of special privileges and rewards around the world. CeLankan Airlines offers special one-way fares for Colombo &

South India.

SriLankan Airlines offers special fares & more baggage to India

Your rebate will already be visible in SriLankan Airlines results for the following destinations: Booking must be made by 31 March 2017. Applicable to outward and round trips to India (selected destinations). The trip is from 12 March to 31 May 2017, for Calcutta (CCU) it is 14 June 2017.

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Receive lower prices for tens of millions of hotels.... Register to see the unique member discount. The tariffs for calls to other countries are valid. E-mail E-mail E-mail adress × This e-mail adress has already been used to register with Concentrated Data Exchange (CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES). Please e-mail me with your offers, special offers and other information.


SriLankan Airline travellers can now select from no less than a dozen hotel accommodation within a half hours drive for a token charge, which includes those in the spa city of Negombo and the surrounding area. The SriLankan Holidays General Manager, Amith Sumanapla, said: "At SriLankan Airlines, we want our transiting customers to be able to enjoy our vast selection of stunning Paradise Islands sights.

The SriLankan Airlines offers a 30% rebate on UAE reservations.

On the occasion of the launching of its Arab website in its mother tongue, SriLankan is offering its customers a 30% rebate on all on-line reservations from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE to the directly served SriLankan travel destination in good times before the Ramadan festivities. The SriLankan Airlines, the Sri Lankan Airlines and member company of one word, is launching its Arab website and offering its travelers from the Near East an improved and personalised surfing environment.

Its new website (http://www.srilankan. com/en_uk/ae) offers sophisticated functions that offer an effortless and complete web browsing environment that allows visitors to make their own trip arrangements at the touch of a button and manage their own reservations. Travelers can also immediately take advantage of Sri Lanka's on-line offers and make their payment by using a payment method that gives them more credits.

On the occasion of the launching of its Arab website in its mother tongue, SriLankan is offering its customers a 30% rebate on all on-line reservations from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE to the directly served SriLankan tourist destination in good times before the Ramadan festivities. Booking can be made from 01 June to 10 July 2016, while travelling is limited between 25 July 2016 and 30 November 2016.

Offering this seasonally, it is the perfect opportunity for travelers from the Near East to take a holiday or buy airline ticket for foreign labor. Desiree Premachandra, SriLankan Airlines' Country Manager - Dubai, said: "The Mideast is a key part of our networking and brand expansion. Our pleasure is to be able to serve our regional customers with the Arab website, which will give them a more complete and pleasant surfing environment.

This is expected to make SriLankan Airlines a privileged airline for travelers from the Mideast. "One of the site's main features is the simplicity with which clients can buy ticketing on-line and administer their reservations via its simple interfaces to enable check-in, pre-order meal times, childcare or special support, and make duty-free collections from many of these establishments.

The SriLankan Airlines has further personalised the expertise by providing the website in Arabian for those who wish to make their reservations in their native languages. In addition, consumers can look forward to special on-line offers, worldwide holiday offers, additional free luggage, upgrades and other unbelievable options that will be upgraded in the new website in real time-and in the future.

Sri Lankan's latest on-board entertaining system, free flight program and many more are also just a click away. Created to the highest possible standard of interoperability globally, the new website is backed by a committed support staff so that the carrier continuously interact with its customers to offer a more personal travel environment.

The SriLankan Mobile App can also be downloaded for easy accessibility, allowing travellers to check their bookings while on the move. Special homepages in the mother tongue are available for SriLankan Airlines customers in all major markets as well as in Australia, USA and Canada. User can enjoy the site's unmatched responsiveness with optimized delivery of rich experiences from several geographical sites.

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