Hire a Plane for the Day

Rent a plane for the day

Hiring an airplane distributes the fixed costs among many people. Cheaper than a jet and our air taxi planes allow you to fly further than you think. The Lanseria offers a selection of aircraft for Hire and Fly. I' d expect a minimum usage (x hours Hobbs time) per day that you have the plane. Select where you want to fly and from where you want to fly on the day and time that suits you.

Locate planes for long and long haul rental in Australia.

No matter if you want to increase your operating expenses or just keep your prop running, FlyHire can put you in contact with pilot and owner interested iniring. No matter whether you are an airline operating on a large GA airport or tucked away in an outdoor ALA, FlyHire can advertise the aircraft on your route and enable a quick placement to your company.

The Lanseria Flight Centre - Rent and Flight

The Lanseria fleet includes a range of Hire and Flight planes. If you have not flew one of our planes in the last six week, you will need a checked flight. Use these planes to construct an airport for one hours or to enjoy flying. They have the liberty to cross Africa for commercial or adventurous purposes!

A large number of certificated take-off and landing strips are located not only in South Africa, but also in a selected number of states within the SADC area. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with your needs and we will help you to take full benefit of the advantages of the efficiency of an African pilots license for your leisure and work!

African businesses are just getting better! If you have a license for flying abroad, you need a certification. If you find that you do not have the means to validate your SA CAA, you are welcome to take a security flighter with you. Rental price for securityilot, accomodation and food are at your expense.

Currently available planes are the C172âs and C182âs, C210. There is a private pilot license required, which must be up-to-date.

Common ly Asked Question

It has a duration of at least 6 moths, after which you can depart the group with only one month's work. What is the rental price for the plane? Our 152/150 s are 105 per speedo and our PA28 Archer II G-NUKA is 155.

Thousty-five per tachometer lesson. Aircrafts are charged according to the "tacho hour" and the flight duration is calculated every month. Amount( (s) charged is (are) the real start/stop speedometer read from the powerplant of the respective aeroplane on the basis of the above mentioned sets. A full speedo corresponds on avarage 1 hr 10 minutes to 1 hr 15 minutes motor time).

Full coverage is provided for all aircrafts and the premiums are contained in the rental and per month instalments. Every single health plan has a high deductible, which differs from plane to plane, but averages 1000 pounds. How much are the charges at North Weald? May I take the airplanes with me for excursions?

You do not have a minimal hourly rate for joining. Our company is fully insured and has a CAA-approved training organisation (ATO 0332). I' m working on my CPL/ATPL's and want to spend an hours building, can the group provide any package? Through North Weald Flight Training we are offering a 'limited membership'.

It' s great for hourskeepers, because it has all the benefits of the NWFG, but only allows the use of the C152/150'. It is a perfectly designed airplane for hours construction. Fifty per tachometer reading time. For detailed information on these packs, visit the NWFT website by following the Pilot Training links above.

Upgrades to full NWFG status may be made at any point, provided that the major jets are instructed/checked out. Flight training shall be conducted to ensure the flight safety of these aeroplanes. Where can I make a reservation? Our web-based on-line reservation system is used for all airplane reservations.

Is it possible to do further flights through the group? Yes, the group with its CAA ATO is able to conduct trainings, IR(R), license renewal, extensions, renewals, aptitude tests, etc. What is the duration of the airport car park and what plane will I be using? As a rule, the cash register only lasts about one hour if you have previously flew our airplane before.

It' probably gonna take longer if you need a briefing. After checking out, can I take any plane in the group? In order to be able to fly our Piper Archer II you need a checkout and at least 100 flight lessons. What's the number of airplanes?

There are currently 10 aircrafts available. Is there a problem with uptime? In general no, with ten planes in the group the year round uptime is outstanding. Our service is designed to provide you with outstanding support in the event of any problem or simply for general hands-on assistance and consultation with your flight. We have a flight training agency open 7 nights a week, so that any help and assistance can be obtained from our highly trained personnel and our highly qualified flight training team.

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