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Using taxis in Paris, France. Alternatively, you can use the private driver system Uber Taxi (; you order and pay via your telephone.

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In a few short months, two of my boyfriends will be traveling to Paris. It' s their first visit to Paris and one of them is sick. She' ll need the use of a wheel chair to find her way around, but she may need a taxi if she gets tired of being on the road to return to her home and won't be able to stay long in taxi stops and call after a taxi, and as I said, she must be able to understand English.

As I recall, is there a taxi company with a specific number for English speakers - does anyone know this phone number please?

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Parisian taxi riders are not known for their impeccable familiarity with the Paris road maps; if you have a favorite itinerary, say so. The best way is to find a taxi stand (taxi stop, signposted with a white sign) on main highways, intersections and train stops. 10-17 Mon-Sat in the centre of Paris, ?0.82 per km.

Wednesday - Friday 17.00 - 10.00, Wednesday 17.00, Sat. 7.00, Paris city centre 7.00, Mon-Sat inner city 19.00 - 19.00, ?1.10 per km. Mitternacht -7 o'clock sun center Paris; 19-19 o'clock -7 o'clock Mon-Sat, all days sun inner boroughs and airfields; all hours suburban, ?1.33 per km. For most trips in the centre of Paris, the price is 6-?12; there is a ?5.60 fee plus 1 for each item of baggage over 5kg or cumbersome items and a 0.70 supplement from the main station.

Appeals should be addressed to the Bureau de la Reglementation Public, 36 rue des Morillons, 75732 Paris Cedex 15. The companies accept telephone reservations around the clock; you also have the option of paying for the amount of taxi fare your taxi needs to get to you.

Uber has helped change the world of the taxi in Paris.

In 2012 I started publishing this paper... Since then the Paris taxi fleet has been changing a great deal with Uber, a web-based taxi company. In 2015, there were many anti-Uber protests in Paris - and as a consequence, the UberPOP was banned, but not the Uberdienst.

ÜberPOP allows a normal individual with a vehicle to sign up for ÜberPOP and provide occasional trips. Uber-Taxi's frequent taxi services are absolutely legal both in Paris and in the remainder of France. There' re Uber cabs all over Paris. I' m a Uber client myself and I like it!

Over a genuine Monopol in Paris broke and forced the other Parisians to be more politely, more punctually and altogether much more reliably taxi. Taxi must not stop: if it cannot reach you without difficulty (if you are in a "no stop" or " stop " zone...), how to get a taxi in Paris?

So if you want to take a taxi, you should first look for a taxi stand: you are nearby, all 740 of them, so you should always ask your local hotels "Où se Trouve la Station de taxi la plus proximit? "Where is the closest taxi rank?

Paris taxi ranks are marked by a squared area with " taxi" and some have a telephone. If there is a taxi available, the taxi operator can answer the telephone and collect you at the train depot you are phoning from.

It is also possible to try to call 01 45 30 30 30 30: you will then have to choose your "arrondissement" and the nearest railway station. The ward telephone will then ring and you may be able to speak with a chauffeur. A further way to get a taxi is to reserve one in advance. A taxi can be booked in one of the following ways A lot of businesses (les taxis parisiens, les taxis G7 ) provide on-line or telephone bookings.

There is a entry fee of 2. 30 Euro, then it is between 0. 92 Euro and 1. 42 Euro per min. A surcharge of 1 Euro per item of baggage or cumbersome baggage (like a pram, but no fee for disabled persons), 3 Euro for the fourth person.... and a min. ticket price of 6.20 Euro.

Above all, you should be clear about the "waiting fee", especially if you call a taxi: the taxi attendant is permitted to turn on the meters when he departs to see you, so wait for a few additional dollars at the meters when the taxi comes. How about a baby-sit in Paris?

By booking your taxi in ahead, you can request a vehicle safety chair; some businesses offer one. Pets allowed in taxi in Paris? They' gonna tell you they're charging the same as a normal cab, but it's not real. In France it is common to tip your taxi cabbie.

Normally I save one dollar if the trip costs about 10 dollars, and 2 or 3 dollars if it costs about 50 dollars. However, if you have the feeling you have a helpful/polite rider, bigger hints are always welcome! Where'?s the nearest taxi stand? Where'?s the nearest taxi stand?

Can you call me a taxi? Can you call me a taxi? I would like to reserve a taxi for 3 p.m. in the morning - I would like to reserve a taxi for 3 p.m. in the morning. Are there traffic jams? How about you take a drive? Do you allow small dogs?

Do you have a wheelchair seat in your house?

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