Srilankan Airlines Ticket Confirmation

Sri Lankan Airlines Ticket Confirmation

Type your last name, booking reference or ticket number; confirm passenger details & select seat; confirm check-in & print boarding pass.

Sri Lankan Airlines check in online without checking in luggage, also saves you waiting time in long queues. You can now book your flight with SriLankan Airlines directly from your home. Which check-in options are available for flights with SriLankan Airlines?

For SriLankan Airlines, what check-in choices are available?

For SriLankan Airlines, what check-in choices are available? Over the past few years, SriLankan Airlines has implemented several self-service check-in solutions as part of the IATA Global Fast Travelling programme, an airline facilitation programme using progressive and highly user-friendly technologies: On-line & mobile check-in. Selfservice check-in kiosks.

How long is the check-in period for SriLankan Airlines flight? Discrepancies in check-in times may exist at each individual destination, and it is advisable to learn about and comply with check-in times. SriLankan Airlines check-in desks open 3 hour notice of flight time. The Silk Route Department Lounge is available free of cost to all Business Class travellers flying with SriLankan Airlines from Bandaranaike International to Colombo for an easy passenger journey through official procedures.

However, travellers may use one of the two check-in desks reserved for SriLankan Airlines Business Class only. SriLankan Airlines check-in desks for Economy and Business Class travellers open 1 hr in advance. The SriLankan Airlines reserve the right to void your booking if you fail to meet the check-in times for your flights.

Each passenger must arrive at the gates at least 30 min before take-off. srlankan Airlines is not responsible for any losses or expenses resulting from your non-compliance with check-in and board-in procedures. Travellers can arrive 24 to 2 hrs before their planned flight start by checking in on the SriLankan Airlines website for on-line check-in or via the SriLankan Airlines portable application for portable check-in.

On departure from Colombo, travellers can hand in their luggage at a designated check-in area. On-line/Mobile Check-in is not available for travel from Seychelles and subsequent passengers: A wheelchair user. Passagiere, which need medicin or specific help. Passagiere, which need medicin or specific help. Checking in on-line allows you to printout your Boarding Card, send it to your e-mail or store it on your cell telephone.

With a single telephone, you can view all your family's on-board cards. At the following aerodromes, however, only those embarkation tickets will be processed that have been handed out at the aerodrome check-in desk, so you must pick up your embarkation ticket at the check-in desk even if you are using online/mobile check-in. If you are travelling with carry-on luggage only, you must reach the gates at least 45 min before your planned flight departs.

Selfservice check-in points are available at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Colombo. Travelers can register at the newsstand either by typing in their ticket number, reservation number or FlySmiles member number or by scans of the bar code on the ticket. SriLankan Airlines has placed employees close to the newsstands to help clients who need support during the check-in proces.

Travelers can also choose and switch seat, input their airline details, input traveler details by scans and prints their passports and embarkation cards. Once you' ve registered at a newsstand, those travelling with carry-on items can go straight to Customs, while those with hold-on items can leave their belongings at the Bag Desk, just a few footsteps from the newsstands.

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