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Just think, you own a 2,400 square feet luxury house.....

In the next few months the Chinese HNA Group will receive a new Boeing 787-8 Privatjet. The 787 Boeing Business Jets, as previously engineered, have a cruising distance of nearly 9,800 mph, even when equipped with 40 seats, baggage and gas. Though several 787s have been switched from personal transport to personal use, this is the first Dreamliner specifically designed as a BBJ, Vella said.

This is the 133rd Dreamliner, which comes from the Boeing plant and was flown for the first time in December 2013. Delivery of the airplane to Kestrel took place in January 2014. As no one had ever built a real Boeing 787 Privatjet before, Kestrel, together with Pierrejean and Greenpoint, had to redesign and construct the inside of the airplane from the ground up.

Indeed, it took a year for the interior to be completed and installed, and a year and a half, Vella said. A Boeing 787 BBJ is not exactly inexpensive. Boeing 787-8 basis bears a $224.6 million listing cost, while the modification adds another $100 million or so to the cost.

Here is a more detailed view of the first Boeing 787-8 BBJ: .... down to the narrow-walled 737. Well, the latest Boeing aircraft to receive the BWJ is the 787 Dreamliner. First flown in 2009, the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner is known for its cruising distance, convenience and refuellingiciency.

In contrast to its fellow countrymen, who carry passengers, the BBJ model does not carry as many passengers, but is equipped with a barrel more functions. Subdivided into several segments, it is conceived in such a way that it is completely autonomous from the remainder of the level. A large Californian king-size berth is provided in the bedroom area of the Mastersuite. Vella says the suites are conceived as an "oasis of silence".

There is a large main bedroom with a large slab of slabs of marble with washbasins for him and her. In the bathing area there is also a twin showers and in some areas there is a heating of stainless steel floor. The connection between the lobby and the remainder of the aircraft is a corridor that looks like a row of perpendicular shafts.

Leave the corridor and you are in the cave-like master lounges of the aircraft. Overlooking the front of the aircraft, the lounges have a couple of daybeds placed in front of a large 55-inch LCD monitor. Towards the back of the aircraft, a couple of sofas look out, which can be turned into bed places or used as eating and conference rooms.

Two 47-inch monitors are also located on the back of the lounges. There is a classy round toilet directly behind the lounges. He has 18 full-fledged, first-class sleeping places. There are five bathroom facilities on the aircraft. Overall, the interior is decorated with a discreet refinement of style that is free of unnecessary confusion yet full of delicate detail, Vella said.

A spokesperson for Deer jet, the HNA Group's privately held HNA carrier that purchased the plane, made it clear that the 787 will be used for both "luxury flights and high-end charter".

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