Srilankan Airlines Details

Sri Lankan Airlines Details

SriLankan Airlines' tour guide, seat tickets and fleet information, use them before booking or taking a flight. trip information New A330-300s are equipped with a number of innovations that harmonise the lightness of contemporary aviation with the unique character of Sri Lanka. Indulge in your flights and unwind with more convenience on our improved Business Class, which invites you to indulge yourself. Featuring seating that converts into full-size flatbeds, additional room, on-demand enjoyment and instant corridor entry, our new and improved Business Class makes you at home at 35,000 feet.

Featuring ambient light and powerful on-the-go seating for handheld electronics of all sizes - you can keep in touch and productively connect to Wi-Fi and cell phones during the ride. The A330-200s are equipped with a number of new features that harmonise the lightness of contemporary aviation with the unique character of Sri Lanka.

Indulge in your flights and unwind with more convenience on the plane. Featuring seating that transforms into full-blown flatbeds in our Business Class, additional room facilities and on-demand enjoyment that makes you at home at 35,000 feet. Offering a pleasurable travel environment, our Economy Class stateroom allows you to unwind on call and in the driver's seats for the latest films suitable for all class handheld electronics.

Featuring the latest Rave REMIX system and convenient hide and relax during the ride, you'll find yourself in the comfort of your own back. In addition, the new A320/A321neo offers wireless connectivity, seated handheld device powers and full wifi during the entire journey, so you won't loose contact on the move.

Trade Unions of SriLankan Airlines protest against RTI salary release Details of CEO and other stakeholders

SriLankan Airlines to the Right to Information Commission published this weekend (17 July), SriLankan Aercap had inflicted a huge LKR 25,698,782,200 by terminating leasing contracts for four Airbus A 350s a few years ago, according to a huge fund of documentation published by SriLankan's flagship airline SriLankan Airlines to the Right to Information Commission.

The information published included the salaries of three senior Sri Lankan civil servants, the Chief Executive Officer (LKR 3, 270.000/-), the Head of Human Resources (LKR 998, 004/-) and the Chief Commercial Officer (GBP 9500/-). Moreover, all three received a number of other advantages, whereby the domestic airline paid an extensive bill from the former chief executive officer Suren Ratwatte in the amount of 23,568 US dollars for the costs of individual flight instruction.

Saturday (21), Sri Lankan labour activists protesting after the information communication pointed out that a grave inequity had been committed because the wages paid to other Sri Lankan workers were low by way of comparisons. This order was made after the Commission had examined a complaint from Airline Pilot Guild when Sri Lanka rejected its information request last year.

Sri Lanka later made a plea to the Commission that the RTI Act was not applicable to it, which was rejected. After extensive consultations in the subsequent period, the information was disclosed by the flag carrier. SriLankan Airlines source told CT that they wanted to file an appeals against the order and had asked for a period of grace to reply to the RTI Commission last November.

It was not, however, taken on the date on which it was due to submit a progress report to the Commission (17 July). The CT finds out that the twenty-five-page Commission Regulation, which deals fairly with various judicial issues relating to information claims, was a reflection that affected the non- appeals ruling.

Minutes of the Board meetings of 1 March 2013, 14 March 2013, 9 September 2014 (including the domicile of the then Spokesman Chamal Rajapaksa) and 9 March 2016, 28 September 2016 were also approved, which relate to the purchase of 4 Airbus 350s, the leasing of three Airbus 350s, the annulment of the leasing contract for 1 Airbus 350 (to be supplied in November 2017) and the ending of the leasing contract for 3 Airbus 350s supplied in October and November 2016.

Furthermore, 2 wet leases with PIA and cancellation contracts with AerCap were terminated. At the beginning of September, the RTI Commission will examine the clearance of the last instalment of documentation containing Nyras, Seabury and Seaworks aeronautical consultants' report on, among other things, the reorganisation of the ailing airline.

Sri Lanka has been afflicted with maladministration, fiscal waste and inefficiency during both the Rajapaksa and Sirisena-Wickremesinghe regimes and is currently being kept afloat by injecting huge amounts of finance from the Ministry of Finance.

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