Srilankan Airlines Ticket Price to India

Sri Lankan Airlines Ticket Price to India

Cheap flights from Colombo to Chennai (Madras): The Tamils, Indians, Pakistanis and Europeans on their way to Sri Lanka. SNRiLankan Airlines Sri Lankan Airlines is focused on India as a specific destination and is prepared to launch its flights to three new destination besides introducing extra frequency and enhancing interconnectivity in the state. And we will also be increasing our flights to Calcutta, Mumbai and Delhi," said Siva Ramachandran, Chief Commercial Officer, Sri Lankan Airlines.

At the moment, India is an important country and the enterprise is building its presence in the regional area. Total utilisation on some India itineraries is still almost 80 per cent, while some have seen more than that. "We' re also considering to add Ahmedabad by 2018-19 as a new target, considering the sector expansion and the number of trips from the region," he said BusinessLine in an interactive session.

He said the carrier wants to decrease its dependency on the Gulf region due to declining revenue and concentrate more on Far East, Southeast Asia and Southeast Asia routes. Ramachandran said that to take advantage of the tourist booms in Sri Lanka, Ramachandran had said that preparations were on the verge of launching vacation package tours between Colombo, the Maldives and the Seychelles and other Far East countries.

Currently Sri Lankan Airlines offers 21 weekly departures to the land of God. At present, the average increase in the number of recreational trips from India to the islands is 15-20 percent, especially from Delhi and Chennai. Commenting on the company's financials, the Chief Commercial Officer said, "We underperformed sales for several factors, including exchange rates and downturns in certain geographic markets, but were able to lower our budget losses.

In the past year, the carrier transported 4.5 million passenger, the highest ever in its entirety. He said on the shipping side that 12 percent of the airline's revenues came from the shipping trade. Lankan has quickly expanded its service and used Colombo as an "ocean hub" to connect the high-growth South Asian economy with Europe, Southeast Asia and the Far East.

City of Chennai is the largest transportation center in India, followed by Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. They also operate a shipping services to some of India's major cities.

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