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flight reservation

It is always best to be prepared when flying with small children. "In order to change the embarkation date and the departure date, please click on the "Change reservation" button on the "Reservation" tab. When you check in, please let the cashier know that you have a reservation and scan your reservation at the checkout. Rail & Fly Ticket, Rail Segment Service from/to Frankfurt from all Deutsche Bahn connections in Germany, will automatically add the surcharge to your booking.

Managing bookings

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As you can manage/change your reservation

In order to reach the Reservation System log-in page, please click on the "Manage Reservation" page in the upper menus or in the Reservation Panel. In order to log in to the reservation system, please insert your reservation number and the surname of the customer and then click on the "Login" key. You will see the reservation detail after logging in.

"In order to modify the embarkation date and the date of departures, click on the "Modify reservation" link on the "Reservation" page. In order to void your reservation, please click on the "Void" pushbutton. In order to modify your data, please click on the "Modify passengers information" icon on the "Passenger" page.

Book a reservation - Airport Park N' Fly

Let the checkout staff know that you have a reservation when you arrive and please take a look at your reservation at the checkout. PLEASE, have your reservation waiting to be scanned at the ATM. Once the batch is full and you have a reservation, your vehicle will be sold. You will receive a copy of your reservation by e-mail soon.

This e-mail allows you to either printout, process or delete your reservation. In case you do not get it in the next 2-3 min, please verify your spamming area. Or you can have your gift certificate printed by pressing the bottom one. Do you have any question regarding your reservation, you can call us at or e-mail us.

Change your reservation

Modify or buy extra service even after your on-line check-in! Modify your reservation up to 3 hrs before your start on your Timetable on-line! Modify the date, hour and itinerary of your trip for a charge and pay the difference up to 3 hrs before the planned start of your flight:

In the event that the available airfare or tax, fee or charge for the new ticket is lower, only the lower tax differential will be reimbursed. When you want to modify the date, hour or itinerary of the trip for only some of the travelers in the reservation, you must call the Call Center for help.

Changing the passenger's name up to 3 hrs before the planned departures! Changing your name is free on-line if you need to correct a spelling mistake or a typo: you can only make a free name adjustment in your reservation. Modify or buy extra service even after checking in on-line!

It is possible to modify your reservation and buy extra service even if you have registered on-line. When purchasing Priority Booking or changing your seating selection, please reprint a new flight deck or go to the check-in counter at the airports with your old flight deck where you will be given a label with the changes.

When you change your travel or name after checking in on-line, you must print your boarding card again. When you have a Plus fare or the WIZZ Flex reservation services, you can reverse your reservation and get the cost of your tickets returned to your WIZZ account.

Find out more about refunding flights here. This can be done on-line using the name modification feature on your travel plan page. Notice that only you can make one free name modification per reservation. It is only possible for those travellers who have bought a Plus fare or WIZZ Flex services to void their reservation.

Cancelations can be made up to 3hrs prior to the planned start of your return journey and the fare will be credited to your WIZZ account. The WIZZ Flex payment will be subtracted from the full amount and cannot be reimbursed.

WIZZ account refunds will invalidate all flight (s) for all passenger in the reservation. WIZZ Discount Club or Privilege Pass Memberships will not be reimbursed in the event of cancellation of a reservation. If the reservation is canceled, the validity of the subscription shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the respective members.

You can add extra service to your reservation on your itinerary page. You can purchase your own copy of our service up to 3 hour prior to your scheduled flight date. It should be noted that the tour operator's liability for tour and coach transfers will be borne by a third person, so these benefits can only be acquired up to 3 working days before your date of arrival.

Text message acknowledgement is available if a cell number was specified when making the reservation.

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