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Then reality collapses: it's probably expensive. There' s no need for you to literally fly around the world. Around the world flights allow you to travel with one return ticket to several destinations around the world. Round-the-world tickets could be a cheaper and easier way to travel. Which is the best direction to travel around the world?

What do Round the World (RTW) tickets do?

Would you like to make several stays on different continent and perhaps have some more versatility on your worldwide trips? Round-the-world tickets could be a cheaper and easier way to travel. What do Round the World (RTW) tickets do? Round-the-world tickets are essentially tickets issued by airlines, which are calculated based on the number of mileage, the number of segment sectors traveled (flights) or the number of stations in certain geographical areas, based on the Allianz brand and tariff.

Currently there are three large carrier networks that offer this type of fares: Star Alliance, Oneworld and SkyTeam. Any flight with a Round the World ticket must be purchased with carriers of the same Allianz (not mixed Allianz carriers) and qualifies for FFP points with all carriers of that Allianz.

Worldwide tickets are usually valid for one year, i.e. you must come back within one year of the date of your departure. The majority of RMT tickets requires the traveler to travel back to the continental point of departure (not necessarily the same city) and to move forward (no tracing) around the world.

What does a Round the World Plane ticket cost? Though Round the World tickets are sometimes sold, they are rarely and not the usual. Basically, the more stations, continent visits or frequented mileage, the more costly the ticket. In general, the introduction of the simplest RTW ticket leaving Canada is about CAD 2400-2500 in Economy Class (RTW tickets are also available in Business Class or First Class).

After the purchase, changes to data and schedules are usually permitted (sometimes free of charge) and can be made with the carrier directly anywhere in the world. In the event of a diversion (change of destination or stops) of your booked route, a modification charge will apply and must be carried out abroad directly with the carrier. Planing your trip around the world should not be an overly daunting job, and if you do, go to a travel agency for help.

If you have chosen the stations you want to make and for the duration you want to stay, this kind of ticket cannot be booked on-line and you will still have to go to a travel agency. First, you should find out how much working hours you need, bearing in mind that most RTW tickets are available for a full year.

RTW tickets are available in a number of different classes, depending on how much you travel and the level of services. When you fly from Canada, move your journey in one way, either across the Pacific or the Atlantic, without tracking (within a single continuum is sometimes fine, but no tracking between continents).

Several RTW rates are calculated using the number of kilometres driven by your travel agents to help you estimate the costs of your travel route. Your most important travel components are probably a current Canada ID card (valid for at least 1.5 years for RTW tickets) and any necessary visa to travel to a destination on your route.

Reiseversicherung. Moreover, travel rescission, travel interruption and luggage cover are always a good option, and all of the above mentioned items, as well as health care, can and should be acquired in a cheaper policy as well. Contact your travel agency for further information and do not go out without them. Are you earning points on a particular carrier?

It would be beneficial if you stay with your carrier and its partner during your journey. Some lower category tickets may not have FFP points, so it is best to ask your agents before making a reservation (it may be worth increasing your ticket price to earn points).

Currently, if you are not subscribing to an airline's FFP, please check out your travel route to see which carrier level you will be using and register. You could be rewarded with a free air fare with your return ticket to your destination! Keep in mind that even if you travel around the world, the best value for money on your route is not always offered by using your local ticket on one of our services.

Ask your travel agency if your journey is not possible at a better rate by using a combined ticket instead of a real one. Sometimes, by using a point-to-point or stop-over pricing mix, you can make savings by using low-cost airlines that are not part of a regular carrier.

Only use your Round the World ticket for larger bus and tram stations. When you are traveling through Europe, it may be a good option to travel to London and depart from Athens and exit your inter-European journeys to train, bus, car or low cost charters. However, please be aware that in some cases the "overland" section of the above route (between London and Athens) may count towards your "travelled miles", even if they are separate from your return ticket.

Find out more about Round the World Tickets for travel inspiration, hints and how you can make the most of this sometimes unique event. Have fun travelling!

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