What Airlines go to Alaska

Which airlines fly to Alaska?

Coastal communities in Southeast Alaska can be reached via Juneau International Airport. The Jet Service is also available from Seattle to the Inside Passage Community of Ketchikan. Didn't you? Receive lower prices for tens of millions of hotels..

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Undoubtedly, Alaska is one of the nature miracles of the globe and Anchorage is the place where everything begins. To the south of Anchorage lies the Kenai Peninsula, where you can experience a diverse ecosystem of everything Alaska has to offer including great ice sheets, breathtaking fiords, green forest, scenic mountain ranges, picturesque fishermen's towns and rich river life - all in one swoop.

Located to the south is the vast Denali National Park, home to the highest peak in Northern America and more than six million hectares of preserved natural world. You can go on a guided tour along the coast of Alaska, travel through the archipelago of countless islets, or (from a safer distance) observe a tidal glacial fall into the sea.

Walk ashore through impressive woods, through a vast open forest up to a cascade, along a glacier stream or just unwind and marvel at your area. Mooring trips are seasonally conditioned. Alaska is the gate to all this for those who love the great great Outdoors, untouched wildlife, great angling and seeing wildlife in their natural environment, and Alaska is the gate to all this.

Ankorage is a contemporary town with all comforts, but most people use it as an arrivals point or place to buy supplies for their great Alascan adventures.

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The Alaska Airlines airline has the largest airline traffic system in Alaska. Find out about Alaska Airlines Web Spécials, Alaska Holidays or go directly to Alaska Airlines reservation page. Alaska Airlines flies non-stop from Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Chicago, Vancouver, BC and Seattle when you fly to Alaska from the Lower 48.

Alaska Airlines actually plans more than 16 daily departures from Seattle to Anchorage, plus non-stop services to Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka and Fairbanks. Alaska Airlines flies you from Anchorage to the most remote parts of the state, such as Kodiak, Fairbanks, Barrow, Nome, Kotzebue, Bethel, Dillingham, Cordova, Yakutat, Wrangell, Petersburg... even Adak Island.

Alaska Airlines is not the only carrier that operates in the state. Several smaller local airlines offer an important flight there. From Anchorage, Era Aviation operates flights to five towns in the southern central area: From Anchorage, Peninsula Airways will fly to Dutch Harbor, King Salmon, Dillingham, Unalakleet, Aniak, Pilot Station and several other places that are hard to say - and hard to spelt!

Above in Fairbanks Frontier Flying provides services for Kaktokik, Nuiqsuit, Barrow, Ft. Yukon, Aniak, Bethel, Galena, St. Mary's and tens of other small towns. There are many other airlines operating between Lower 48 and Alaska, including: a. Delta Air Lines. The Delta provides year-round services between Anchorage and Salt Lake City.

Airline operates season flights from Cincinnati to Anchorage and from Atlanta to Anchorage. b. Northwest Airlines. Throughout the year Northwest provides a full year round shuttle between Anchorage and Minneapolis. Fairbanks-Minneapolis is available in summer. In winters, Northwest also operates between Anchorage and Maui! c. united Airlines. unified operates non-stop throughout the year between Anchorage and Denver and between Anchorage and Seattle.

From Anchorage to Chicago and San Francisco. d. d. Continental Airlines. All year round, continental operates non-stop between Anchorage and Seattle. Sun Country Airlines. Four Sun Country weekly departures between Anchorage and Minneapolis in sommer. f. Condor German Airlines.

Three Condor flights a week between Frankfurt and Anchorage during the spring and autumn season. American Airlines provides a services from Anchorage to Dallas-Ft. Worth every year, and Condor also provides a twice week flight from Fairbanks to Frankfurt in the fall. Besides all airlines in Alaska, Anchorage is the most frequented floatplane air traffic center in the whole wide range of the Alaska.

One more fact of everyday when it comes to Alaska air trips is that there are a lot of miles. Honestly, Alaska Airlines has the best blueprint for Alaska. Alaska has partnershipschaften mit Continental, American, Northwest, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Era Aviation, Peninsula Airways, Horizon Airlines et British Airways hat. Accordingly, most Alaskans sign up for the Alaska Airlines miles program, in additional to wearing the Alaska Airlines Visa Card.

No matter if you are living in the Lower 48 and like to come visiting or living in Alaska - these mileages are convenient for a summer holiday or a summer angling outing. Of course, the big reasons why Alascans depend on aviation are that there are not so many streets in the state.

The majority of Alascans favour the ease and luxury of regular air transport. That' s how most Alaskan travelers get addicted! Information about Alaska Airlines can also be found on the Alaska TravelGram website. Register also for the free Alaska Holiday Newsletters!

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