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24 hours a day, 7 days a week TAXI 24 offers a taxi and limousine service. From Kochi we offer taxi service to various destinations of customer choice with brand new vehicles and experienced drivers. Chip>Sounio - 140 ? Transfers from Athens International airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" to any place in the town. Piraeus harbour to Athens International Airports, Athens Municipality or any other place in Greece that can be reached by taxi is convenient with our luxury cabs and our expert chauffeurs.

Now you can order your Piraeus Taxi-Shuttle. Driving along the beautiful coast roads we will see some of the most beautiful Mediterranean Athens outskirts, the beautiful Glyfada, Voula and Vouliagmeni sandy beach and the small quaint bathing towns of Lagonissi, Saronida and Palaia Fokaia.

Your excursion will include a trip to the archeological site where you can see the ruins of the temple of Poseidon. It' s great to go to Cape Sounio on a July or August summernight to really experience the sunset. Departure for Olympia through the central Peloponnese and the cities of Tripoli and Megalopolis.

With the Athens taxi trip we will reach Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic games. The archaeological site with the sanctuary of the Olympic Zeus, the Antique Stadium and the Archaeological Museum is worth a stop. Olympic in the Greek Peloponnese, was the place of birth of the old Olympic Olympics. Greeks organized the matches every four years, and the whole known word took part by taking a cease-fire (Ekecheiria) until the matches ended.

Olympic is located in a small village in Elis, in the Peloponnese, where the Alpheas River flows. Iphitos, Elis throne, Kleosthenes of Pisa and Lykourgos of Sparta, organised the Olympic Games in honour of Zeus in 776 B.C. and founded the holy Ekecheirie, the armistice. Soon, his glory will rest on the Olympic Games, the largest nationwide event and a world-renowned international event.

In 1896 the Olympics were resurrected in Athens. Today the Olympian flames are still ignited every four years in the old shrine. Explore the centre of attentiveness in the old years and the point of departure of the Olympian Torch. Even today you can still watch a run in the old Olympiastadion, which is located on the still viewable start line.

While on this personal trip you can see the Olympia Archaeological Museum, the most important shrine of the god Zeus, and the ancient stages of the Olympic Games. Museum of the Olympic Games. Leaving this one-of-a-kind Olympic daily trip through the countryside of the Peloponnese back to Athens and arrive early in the evenings.

We continue our trip and soon we arrive at the antique town of Corinth (visit), where St. Paul spent 18 month living and preaching. Corinth was already one of the richest towns in antiquity. This once magnificent town' s remains rise high on a hillside above the contemporary town, with views of the Corinthian and Saronic Gulfs.

Indeed, old Corinth owes its richness and strength to its favourable location between two ports (Lechaion in the Corinthian Gulf and Kechreae in the Saronic Gulf). The Taxi Tours takes you to the Marathon, where the Athenians competed in a very crucial fight against the Persians, and every year the whole planet follows the Greeks to run the Marathon to remember the Athenians' triumph over the Persians.

Known for the legendary run of the legendary Pheidippides Greeksman, a courier from the Battle of Marathon to Athens. One of the first contemporary Olympics in 1896, the marathon was held, although the distances were not standardised until 1921. This is a full days trip to Delphi, the Apollo Dynasty, the Delphi Museums, the Delphi Umbilic and the Delphi Oracle.

Your personal trip takes you back to the antique times of Delphi splendour. In Athens taxi we take you through Arachova (famous for its colorful carpets) to Delphi. Arrival in Delphi, the old shrine of Apollo. The size of Delphi must be seen to be believable. In Delphi you will see the archaeological site with the Temple of Apollo, the Athens Treasure House, the Theatre and the Stadium.

You can also see the museum, where you can see splendid archeological and classical artefacts. Besides other archeological riches, the singular bronzed charioteer, the gables from the Apollo Dynasty, the "Marine of the Earth", the Winged Sphinx. Have lunch in the trendy town of Delphi, a scenic alpine town.

Returns to Athens in the evening. Argolis full days trip - to Mycenae, Nafplion ?pidaurus. We continue the trip as we pass through Nemea (wine country) to Mycenae. See Mycenae with its cyclopic ramparts, the Lions Gate Agamemnon's Palace (Acropolis) and the grave of Clytemnestra and the grave of Atreus.

Taxi Athens taxi trips take you to the first capital of Greece's fashionable capital country Honduras National Park. There are two places in Nafplion: a contemporary bathing village and the Old Quarter, which once was a Franconian Venice buccwark, with its fort that dominates the area from the top of the Palamidi (Visit)Lunch in Dafplion, and plenty of walking space in the Old Quarter.

Then we drive on to the old theatre of Epidaurus, where you can marvel at the way Greeks could carry out theatre performances B.C. Return to Athens in the evening.

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