Round the World Fares from Sydney

Circumnavigation rates from Sydney

We have selected the best Business Class fares in the world, whether for Business Class to Europe, Asia or America! Yorkshire - Sao Paulo - Santiago - Auckland - Sydney - Cairns - Tokyo - Hong Kong . Travel STA offers some great travel tips and advice around the world to make sure you choose the best ticket for your needs. The fares are issued worldwide by airline alliances.

Air travel agencies - Is Sydney - Papeete - Easter Island - Santiago possible with a round the world travelcard?

Yes, but you have to buy a certain tariff, which is normally not promoted (a generic Explore tariff, sometimes referred to as an explore tariff or globx tariff, to be different from the more common Explore tariff of one world, an xONEx). There is no website that is able to calculate XMLLOBx tariffs, this has to be done manually.

Your special rate is a BGLOB26 (Economy), a BGLOB26 (Business) or an EGLOB26 (First Classic, but none of the flight on your itinerary offers first, so this would be a waste). Outside Sydney, a GAIL 26 currently costs AUD 2799.00 plus applicable charges, tax and additional charges. Charges, tax and supplements vary depending on which country you travel to, which airport you arrive at and which airline you operate with, but I'd be amazed if they reached more than AUD 1000.

The tariff allows up to 26,000 mileage, which should be enough for your use. Tariffs are offered worldwide by airlines forming airlines alliance. Your problem is that the Santiago/SCL to Fa'a'?/PPT via Easter Island/IPC is run only by LATAM Chile (LA), a member of ineworld.

That' s why you have to buy an on-eworld Round-The-World tariff. However, there are no one-world airlines connecting Fa'a'?/PPT with Australasia. As a non-alliance airline, TN is operating a Qantas (QF) code share from Fa'a'?/PPT to Auckland/AKL. One World will exhibit several different brands around the world and around the world. On you can see the xONEx tariff, the most beloved tariff from the world.

However, the tariff for the on-eworld Explorer is limited to on-eworld-carrier. Another one of the tariff families on-board the world wide network of explorers, the on-board world-wide explorer tariffs, contains the following clause enabling travelling with TN provided it is under the Qantas (QF) code share (rule K in the flight applications category): Your agency may claim that TN is not allowed due to previous tariff regulations that appear to preclude it, please bring this section to their notice.

Please be aware that the xONEx tariff suite does not contain this policy; its terms are limited to on-eworld carrier and its affiliates:

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