Best round the World Business Class Airfares

The best round of World Business Class fares

In most cases, they help non-experts around the world to book the best flights. Virgin Business Class RTW airfare. One World $10,500 "Around the World" Business Class fare

Fly around the world in business class always seems like a good concept, and a new Oneworld Round -The-World (RTW) tariff from the Oneworld-Allianz provides this round the world travel for just $10,500 plus all necessary tax and federal fees. It' s limited to the Mediterranean sphere - which isn't so terrible that you want to be about Britain, Europe, the USA and Asia and research a whole different world.

This includes services on a route in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, Africa, South America and the southwest of the Pacific Ocean which run in a westerly or easterly direction, permitted on any continental route. Coming from Australia, the Southern Hemisphere Explorer Tariff will take the following tours under its wing: Further information is available on the Oneworld Explorer homepage.

Australia's Virgin Business Class selling lowest price "in all time' history".

Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world in Business Class? Esccape Travel (no affiliation) has just released an unbelievable offer and offers fares around the world in Business Class with Virgin from just $3095 per capita. "It' never been so inexpensive in history," says Escape Travel agent, Jose Bishop, when we phoned to ask for the deal. What's the name?

As Bishop says, the shop has already been swamped with requests to take up this amazing business. RTW tariffs apply to three stations from Australia which return to Australia via Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles (or in reversed order). Melbourne is the first stop on the Hong Kong route, but whether you do it first or last is up to you.

"If you fly to Hong Kong first, you can get a one-way return from LAX and don't have to collect your bag in Melbourne," he says. Irrespective of your home town, however, the rates are largely the same and only differ depending on the date of departure. Bishop, while lowering rates to $3095, says that rates depend entirely on the customer's trip data and most are around the middle to high $3,000 level.

Business Class rates includes two 32 kg check-in pouches and full entry to the lounges. Trip details are given between July 5th and September 26th, but Bishop says that according to your trip details you can get the price for December, January and February trips. When you want to redeem the discounts, Bishop says the best way is to turn to your nearest tour operator as soon as possible when the sales end on May 20.

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