Challenger Business Jet

The Challenger Business Jet

Challenger is a family of mid-size business aircraft manufactured by Canadair and later by Bombardier Aerospace. CANADAIR CHALLENGER's business jet fleet is approaching the million flight hour threshold. Bombard challenger Challenger is a range of mid-size business aircraft manufactured by Canadair and later by Bombardier Aerospace. There is a number of related elements with the same name (or similar names) in this item. In case an intern hyperlink lead you wrong here, you can modify the hyperlink to refer directly to the desired item.

CANADAIR CHALLENGER Business Jet Portfolio

CANADAIR CHALLENGER's business jet business jet portfolio is approaching the million-hour mark.... Bombardier's Business Division announced that its more than 300 jet fleets had recorded 865,435 operating flights by the end of 1994. Until the beginning of this last week, Canadair shipped a combined 321 challengers: 84 models 600, 66 models 601-1As, 134 601-3As and 37 of the latest 601-3R.

Commenting on the decision, Bombardier said Challenger will continue to produce at a monthly rates of two per year.

Challenger 350: Buyers and Investors Handbook

Challenger 350 is the upgraded Bombardier Challenger 300 from Bombardier - developed to survive in the congested supermedium-segment. The Challenger 350, with a cruising distance of 3,682mi/5,926km/3,200nm, is capable of flying trans-atlantic flights linking New York with most of Europe's main towns. However, they surpass their rivals because airplanes like the G280 can carry another 460mi/741km/400nm - a significant improvement in cruising distance.

The Challenger 350 is a relatively light jet with a velocity of 540mph/870kph/Mach 0.82, so in four and a half hour from Los Angeles to New York travellers can do so. A starting climbing height of 43,000 feet and a max range of 45,000 feet both help cut down on consumption and help the Challenger 350 pass over in poor conditions.

Bombardier's Challenger range comprises the 350 and 650 versions. Challenger 650 is slightly more powerful and can offer the same levels of convenience, but is a more costly optional. A further development of the Challenger 300, the cab has been given a new design with eight twin reclining cabins - the reclined cabins can be converted into 180-degree twin berths.

Challenger 350 uses sliding rail passengers controllers that provide simple accessibility to flying information, cab controllers and multi-media - an advanced cab manager system designed for cabins. A new Challenger 350 has a listed cost of 25.9 million dollars, with used planes available for around 17 million dollars. With a 24/7 worldwide sales and servicing presence, and a long tradition of providing customer care for Challenger range airplanes, the company has a strong presence in the market.

First and foremost, the airplane has proven its worth with fractal owner companies. The Flexjet ordered 40 planes, NetJets up to 75 - showing that there is still much demand for the smaller Challenger planes.

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