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Services">edit] During 2012, the firm heralded the cessation of peak sales. During August 2014, the airline announced[4] that it would discontinue and shut down all air traffic by 31 October 2014. CAITAIR provided its clients with four different programs[6] Citation Air Jets Shares,[7] formerly Citelines, related to the fractal air travel property development that CAITAir provided.

The programme integrated all operational costs into one year or twelve months payment, no matter where you go. The programme distinguishes between top and non-peak trading day so that shareholders can choose one of four packages: The CitationAir Jet Card,[7] formerly Vector Fleet JetCard, was another CitationAir programme. CitationAir Jet Card gave members a choice of two different jet card choices.

Jet Cards allow clients to buy pre-paid flying lessons in a particular plane. Using the Jet fleets cards, clients were able to buy pre-paid flying lessons that gave them full airline coverage of the CitationAir family. Using the Jet Cards, clients buy instead of shares pre-paid flying lessons. CitationAir' Jet Air enables[8] clients to take advantage of fractions of property without actually buying a stock.

CitationAir' s programme included the CitationAir Supplemental Lift[7], which provided support to the flying divisions of companies with personal aeronautical needs. Companies had privileged entry to CitationAir's full Cessna Citation pool without the expense of ownership and maintenance of an airplane, thus lowering the company's investment and operational expenses. The CitationAir Jet Management,[7] formerly JetForth, was developed for individuals who own airplanes but don't want the effort to manage them.

As part of this programme, CitationAir would use the airplanes of a client company in order to assist and secure its own fleets and would make the airplane available to members of Fractional and Jets cards when it is not used by the owners. CitationAir had a lace of about 100 Cessna Citation Jets. There were 5 different kinds of quotes in the fleet:

The Cessna Citation Bravo, who has now withdrawn from the navy. The Cessna Citation X, which joined the CitationAir family in December 2009. <font color="#ffff00" size=14>a> ; a> <font color="#ffff00" size=14>a> ; a> ; a <CitationShare Select for Robb Reports Best of the Best >> ;. 8 June 2009. Returned on June 9, 2009. CitationAir is the name of the aircraft manufacturer that operates the CitationAir. 12 October 2009. Brought back on October 27, 2009.

CitationAir to suspend flight operations. Returned on September 5, 2014. CitationAir hands over the certificate to the FAA". Returned 2016-11-30. Jet programs for company and private travel with CitationAir. Citationair. com. Bounced 2012-05-03. "The CitationShares is relaunched as 'CitationAir of Cessna'". Brought back on October 27, 2009. The CitationAir of Cessna introduces the Jet Access program, Luxuo.

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"¡Citationair: Bounced position on November 5, 2009. com/Pie-in-the-Sky-2 Robb Report:

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