Contact details of the aircraft operator and fleet for PRIVATE AIR INC. Privately Ventilated My own dedication to detail and my own dedication to my clients have made me a faithful client. Always know that I get the best price and dependability. We are the right partner for you if you would like to rent an aircraft! In PAS we stand on a standard of integrality and professionality established in the old schools when Scotti started in the mid-1980s.

From being a showboat Atlantic City hotelier agent, to being named one of the world's best-known junket agents serving the casino community, to one of the U.S.'s biggest agency travelers and serving the best airline air charter operations with a national network of airlines and planes, Scotti has had a remarkable industry careers in a number of sectors.

Scotti's clientele benefits from the call and expertise that Scotti bring to every trip. Like Scotti says: "We are proud of our capability to fly our customers with the confidence that our customers tell us that they can go from the bikes to the bikes below................ Under the direction of Brett, our specialist staff of airline charters professionals, you can rely on a first class level of customer care.

The Brett team focuses on the detail that makes it easy and pleasant for our clients to rent airplanes. Through the years, Brett has developed a resource base that has the benefit of diligently choosing the best option for your charters at competitive prices. Include Brett in the call for your next flight charters for individuals, groups, junkies, clubs, sports enthusiasts, graduates, alumni training, or corporate outings.

Lesli's expertise in airline Charter operation and disposition, client relationships, tour/travel bookings, working with the NASCAR Racing Team, NCAA and Sports Team logistic, group/individual rental, gaming equipment and daily operation of an airline rental brokers services are precious values that come together to ensure that every journey from bike to bike is professionally and client-focused.

Lesli also overlooks all real-time trace ability, FBO and emergency response capabilities, national and global manifestation and paper needs. And Lesli looks forward to your call and offers you the highest levels of airline charters and after sales support. Email: is a leading provider of private aircraft charters and marketing solutions!

In collaboration with a country-wide ecosystem of certificated carriers and airport facilities, we offer meticulously select aircrafts that comply with the highest industrial standard for personal and business use. Flying with strict, on-going security requirements...ensures that your airplane is meticulously serviced, absolutely safe and run by specialists who have been fully trained and are committed to offering you the best of aviation.

Experiencing counts.... Our senior managers have more than 25 years of industry expertise in Tour/Travel, Casino, Hotels & Catering, Team/Sports Transport, Programme Services and Aircraft/Flight Charter. It is our aim to offer a secure, enjoyable, efficient, affordable, agile, comfortable, enjoyable and stress-free adventure.

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