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That's Ronald Anderson talking to people because you don't like his business. We offer you a fixed price for an easy transfer from Anand to Ahmedabad City or Ahmedabad Airport. Complete Taxi 2571 Brewer Rd, Waterloo, NY 13165 Add to miscellaneous. added to miscellaneous from miscellaneous. deleted from miscellaneous.

Evaluate this deal! That' Ronald Anderson talking to those guys because you don't like his game. Then I looked at a Facebook badge and reanimated those news. 5 Works...If you live/work in Waterloo/Seneca Falls, trips are $5 within the first 5 mile.

Waterloo American Way Taxi Service, NY 13165

We were offered $20 for the trip ($10 more than we wanted to get there with another taxi company), but when we got to our site we were not permitted to go without spending $32 in all. That'?s a very non-professional and backstabbing outfit. Well, I wouldn't suggest this cabbing.

So everyone knows American Way Taxi is open on Mondays and shut on Sundays. Fuck that. Let's get this out of the way - for some rough sake, I can't check out their rival Relax and Rent Taxi, who isn't even screaming to check it out, but they have a ton of good reviews on their easy-to-control facebook page (most likely boyfriends and family).

That' s why I give the rival of R&R 5 star, because this is the only way I can alert humans to "Relax and Ride" LLC. R&R's woman was extremly impolite on the telephone, murmured about her switch shifts, treated me like an imbecile, and generally acted angry that I had the bile to call a taxi from a taxi company.

Twice I repeated that a few hour later that morning I needed a taxi for a certain period of inactivity. Faster lead 30 mins after the desired amount of work - I call, now speak to a man, said he would be there in 15-20 mins, came about 15 mins, as he said. On the taxi trip, the woman I had spoken to phoned him - his telephone was plugged into his loudspeakers so I could listen to the call - she said to him that the cause she had "forgotten" me was in her changing shifts and she had said to me "call after 5:00".

Yes, I recall that she mumbled something about the call after 5am on the telephone after I specifically asked if they could come get me later that evening from my target. There' absolute no hint that she says "no, I can't come get you at the desired hour, call you after 5am and maybe someone is available.

" In fact, I twice told her when I wanted the taxi and she also told me. I waited 45+ and listened to this impolite chattering woman on the telephone and felt like throwing cash straight into the trash. Yes, I should have asked on the telephone, but I suppose I didn't expect such a BS from such a "highly rated" company (on facebook, almost certainly from friends/family - how come one spot taxi has 17 reviews, while everyone else in the area has an 0-2 rating on avarage? that there's a single pink flag).

but it couldn't be anything less than R&R, in terms of pricing or technical services. I like the fact, if anything, that Yelp and YP of America Way are verifiable because R&R seems to have gone out of the way to try and stop things from getting said badly about them.

He was over 15 min too late without an excuse. Not a metre to show the price - so after our arrivals they had to call to see how much it was (they had $30 on the phone). "Long way to cut a long story short, I' ve already payed 30 and got out of the taxi - will NEVER use her services again.

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