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At first I will share the good experiences with Sri Lanka, our return flight was one. Not verified | London Heathrow to Colombo. Where can SriLankan Airlines be found? The National Carrier of Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Airlines, is one of the premier Asian airlines known for its services, convenience, reliability, timeliness, heat, care as well as amiability. There is a significant footprint on the subcontinent with over 98 daily departures per week to Colombo from fourteen large towns in India - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), Cochin, Chennai, Kolkata, Madurai, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Coimbatore, Gaya & Varanasi.

Colombo - Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), one of the best South Asian airport with convenient lounge and tax free shops. The SriLankan Airlines is the first company on the subcontinent to be part of the SriLankan Airlines online air group. Colombo to: Where can SriLankan Airlines be found?

Come and see Colombo with a free break on the way to H.E. Asia, China, Europe, Middle East, Japan and Australia just for your trip back. Special price applies if the Colombo break lasts more than 8 hours and the base price of the tickets together with the fuel surcharge exceeds the costs of USD250 per trip.

With 135 weekly departures from all of India's main urban centres, you can fly to Colombo and beyond with 30 kg free luggage and 40 kg free luggage when travelling to London and Melbourne. Srilanka, is a shopping paradise as there are wholesalers with the world's top brands for clothing and apparel. It has the world's best beaches. It has the world's biggest tea estates. It has the world's biggest gemstone industry.

Client-friendly airlines - Preferred by companies that fly to MICE destination, recreational travellers who visit Colombo, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Honeymooners who visit Male, senior citizens who visit Sri Lanka for Ramayana tours, golfers who visit Male, exporter trading gemstones, ceramics, clothing, etc., animal lovers, experiencing the excellent service of Sri Lankan Airlines flight.

Agencies can offer e-tickets on any GDS with competitively priced public fares. The SriLankan Holiday Offer(SLHO) is a special offer that includes net fare air fares on Sri Lanka (which can be purchased at the airline's counter) and a land pack for all Sri Lankan Airline on-line holiday locations. Sri Lanka is operating a completely new long-haul A330-300 squadron, offering a more luxury and improved travelling environment. The A330-300 cabin is the quieter in this class of planes and is exemplified by images taken from the island's exceptional variety and naturalness.

All new A330-300 aircrafts have Wi-fi and Mobile (GSM) connections and SriLankan Airlines has also launched the " Left SriLankan " connection. Complimentary transport, meal, accommodation at a 8-24 hour passage in Colombo. Specific service that will be expanded to include VIPs, such as Meet and Assist, quick check-in, extra in-flight service, such as free seating, convenient headrests, extra meal preferences on ULs.

Connects the most rapidly expanding Asian national economies with Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Far East with Colombo as the "hub in the ocean". Member airlines collect and spend mileage when flying with SriLankan Airlines, member airlines of the SriLankan member airlines of the SriLankan member airlines of the SriLankan member airlines of 30 SriLankan member airlines of the SriLankan member airlines of one of SriLankan's sister airlines, including Etihad and Cinnamon Air.

Member benefit from a variety of advantages according to stage and can use over 650 airports loopes run by members of one world. You can also benefit from extra free luggage allowance, prioritized check-in, favorite seats, queue priorities, prioritized baggage management and more. On 1 May 2014 SriLankan Airlines became the first company from the subcontinent of India to join the on-eworld flight network.

Today SriLankan operates alongside some of the largest and leading airlines - Airberlin, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Royal Jordanian and S7 Airlines. By becoming a member of One World, Sri Lanka's flag ship operator is offering its clients more service and benefits: such as a broader routes and the possibility of earning and redeeming FFP mileage on one of the one-world operators.

The 130 million holders of free flight cards from member companies of one world can also receive and cash bonuses on Sri Lanka. SriLankan Airlines' flyership program members can benefit from advantages and advantages across the SriLankan Airlines one-world airline ecosystem, which includes top member membership of more than 650 airports around the world. Sri Lanka will also be part of oneworld's most comprehensive range of alliances.

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