Apple Macbook Air 11 Cover

Macbook Air 11 Apple cover

Rigid case with plastic case for Apple Macbook Air 11,6" 11 inch A1370 A1465. Heat your 11-inch MacBook Air with a Blackbox Bamboo Case. at.

Hard shell rubberised case Works with Apple MacBook Air 11" (A1370 and A1465)

I' ve had a lot of laptop computers (mostly apples) and previous design just wasn't the kind of guy a snapping cup would fit on, but for the Apple aircraft this is the ideal shelter. It may never be removed, as it took me some getting it picked up...but that's what you want in a shell. It doesn't add any extra bulk and increases the depth...but the iridescent elastic pads and wraparound protector (leaving port holes only) free me from the permanent worry of scraping my loved ones' minds.

11 " Macbook Air Accessory

I' ve been using my Macbook for a few month without any case and eventually decide to buy one after a few small scrapes. I' ve been looking for the ideal bag to keep my little one safe for a long while - the 13-inch MacBook Air. My eye had been on the bacon satin hardshell case, but the asking prices kept me delaying the purchase, and every single times I went to the Apple Retail Shop, they never had a color that I liked.

Every review seemed to say that this case was quite fantastic and the pricing was just right, so I chose to try it and ordered it along with the appropriate silicon pad. The case and the keypad were delivered together. Perfect for my Macbook Air (11 inch) and a great case for professionals.

It' s lightweight, the keypad cover is perfect, and it doesn't strain my computer. It' s ultra slim appearance also, I have the clear case and so you can see just about any scratches on it really easy, but it doesn't bother me, I' m sure in colours it' much better, but the keypad cover is lightweight and makes tapping feeling smoother, and the overall finish is really great!

Somehow I think this is a really good deal with the case and would definitely buy the cover again for the ace! Perfect for my MacBook Air 2015. There is no additional added body load. This is what I use for my 13-inch Macbook air and there is a small space around my notebook while it is in the suitcase, but I like it because it allows me to install my notebook slightly and keep my battery in the front compartment.

I' ve had this cover for a few weeks now and it' s going to hold well so far. Previously, I had a $50 suitcase for my Macbook air, and it started and stopped working after a few nights, which was really frustrating. It comes with a beautiful cover, and I really like the colour.

The test is for the 11 in. case in Mystic Forest printing. It' s the ideal fit for my small 11-inch notebook, the inside is padded with a smooth material that is sure to resist scratches, and the case has a sturdy, well crafted feel. The only whining I would lose half a stars for if I could is that the colours are not as vivid as in the photos.

Illumination on the pictures is very light, and personally the colours are much duller. Overall it is a beautiful notebook bag and I would suggest it.

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