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12.9in (2017) iPad Pro compared to MacBook Air: Is iPad Pro able to substitute your Macbook? Each new iPad designed for professionals makes the issue of whether it's really getting the hang of using an iPad instead of a MacBook increasingly important. The 9-inch iPad Pro is out, and its price is comparable to that of the Apple MacBook Air. However, can the latest technology Apple has put into iPad Pro make up for the absence of a real hardware keypad and a full-blown desktopsystem?

With 6.9mm, the latest iPad Pro is much slimmer than MacBook Air, which is 17mm at the widest point. Apart from the different sizes, the two units are otherwise similar in terms of dimensions; the iPad Pro is at 305. The MacBook Air has a 325 x 227 mm footprint.

Although you can put a MacBook Air in the same rucksack pocket as the iPad Pro, that doesn't mean it's as simple to transport. MacBook Air weights 1342g, twice as much as the much more mobile iPad Pro at 677g. However, both are much more lightweight, smaller and overall more wearable than the overwhelming bulk of traditional laptop computers.

The MacBook Air is the most wearable MacBook at the moment of its launch and doesn't have nearly as many connectors as you might think, but it still has more connections than the iPad Pro, which only has a 3.5 mm sound socket and a light connector for charge, power, and accessory.

MacBook Air features a 3.5 mm female voice connector, two 3.0-port USB connectors, a Thunderbolt 2 connector, and an SDXC memory cartridge socket. Amazingly, iPad Pro is much better than MacBook Air thanks to its quadspeaker system. MacBook Air only has a couple of hi-fi loudspeakers that aren't nearly as noisy and clear as we'd like them to be.

When you look at the iPad Pro's breathtaking, crisp screen, you can immediately see how far the screens have progressed over the years. MacBook Air with its shiny 13th generation. Considering that the iPad Pro is touch-enabled and optimised for the Apple Pencil, a great pen that allows accurate, lifelike drawings and authentic hand-writing, the differences between the two units become even clearer.

Yes, you can connect a third-party graphic pen tablet like Wacom's to MacBook Air, but a high-performance graphic pen can throw you back almost as hard as your whole notebook. iPad Pro comes with Apple's highest performance fusion processor family, the Apple 10X Fusion family.

In order to do justice to the Pro in the name, Apple is offering the iPad Pro with 64, 256 or 512 GB of built-in memory. A 10,875 mAh rechargeable cell can provide up to 11 full hour standby electricity, but charging lasts over 4hrs. MacBook Air comes with a relatively old 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core 5 with 8GB of memory and Intel HD Graphics 6000 GPU.

Although the MacBook Air is far from being up to date with ultra-portable laptop computers, it still manages very respectfully almost anything you can drop on it. With the latest release of the iPad Pro's iPOS OS, you have more than 1,500,000 million applications at your fingertips, but the multi-tasking features are far from as mature as those of macro.

At the same time, it is a fully-fledged desktops OS with numerous professionally designed applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, the Microsoft Word desktops application, Final Cut Pro X and many others. Anticipate that the MacBook Air application will cost significantly more than the iPad Pro application, even though pro and desk top applications aren't inexpensive.

Comparing them, we found that a great tray like the iPad Pro is technically advanced in many ways, but not a good replacement for an ageing notebook like MacBook Air. Power is there, but it is hard to use it without a suitable desktop OS.

The latest iOS releases indicate that Apple wants to make the OS more appropriate for professionals, and we can't await seeing what they come up with. An iPad Pro could be a good substitute for a MacBook Air notebook for your daily life.

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