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Taxicab Call Center Job cuts | The courier service Dozens of individuals will loose their job at the Ballarat Taxis Co-Operative Call Center. Booking after work and on the weekend goes to the 13CABS Melbourne Center. Balarat Taxis president Stephen Armstrong said it was unfortunate, but they had no option. Armstrong said the 12 persons are all nonchalant and currently work between four working hour and a few working shift per workweek.

Said they had relocated several positions within the organization, helping others to find another job, with "three or four" of the staff still looking for work. Mr Armstrong said that two were of retiring age and would therefore complete their work. It was first published at the end of last year but has been on the agenda for some time as the call center loses taxi deals in other parts of Victoria and Australia.

Armstrong said the ruling was inspired by a system upgrading that they prevented by the amendment, which would have costed up to $800,000, as well as longer-term terms and more. Armstrong said that the 13CABS agreement would include some "hiccups" as callers in Melbourne got used to Ballarat's locations and requirements.

"If someone phones and says, "Can you come get me from the old post office?", say people: "Can you tell me where that is?", then there will be minor problems with such things, but the staff down there will get used to it," he said.

Ballarat calls will not be placed in the same pools as Melbourne clients and will have round-the-clock availability of the 13CABS cell device and web reservation as well. Armstrong said their cabs would offer the same services and the dedicated taxi number would remain in use.

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What does it take to call a cab? Thank you! yes, but generally not necessarily, unless you are in a *really* secluded* New Territories area. HK$4 for New Territories cabs, HK$5 for other cabs. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings.

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