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NYC Statue by Night Cruise is the ultimate New York experience. To get a cab at night????

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To get a cab at night????? Once I was in a not so beautiful area of New York beached later that night and no taxi would stop, no beautiful situation. My boy and I went through California/Nevada last March, inclusive the city of San Francisco, and the whole NPH goes to New York City every single day every single day of the year.

My guess is that most US towns all over England can give a run for their bucks, even to the point of criminality... I always ask the hotel manager about places to stay away from, although I have to say that we've crossed most of San Fran (not the filet) and New York (Manhattan) for long periods without any problems.

However, I always schedule my trip to be in crowded places, and even if I have my ticket price payed, if I step into a metro stop somewhere in the worid and something is wrong, I will go and return up to hell with the costs. Just as when designing taxis at night, I never go alone for three blocs in a derelict area at night.

For security reasons, I consider my additional costs only as part of my travelling expenses.

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Watch the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island at night! New York Water Taxi's Statue By Night Cruise is the ultimative New York adventure; the one-hour drive at sundown shows the best of the town. See the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan with the tranquility of dawn and dusk.

Please note: The water taxi does not stop at Liberty Island.

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