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Find out more >>> - Home / Moto. Ready to fly a flying moto bike with thrilling motorcycle stunts and shooting skills to kill the enemies traveling in luxurious surroundings?

The flying motorcycle follows the Dubai Police's gadget schedule of extremes.

The Dubai Police, after having appeared on technical shows at the beginning of the year, has chosen to put one of its innovative devices on the Armed Forces' schedule of "Smart City" projects. Under Alexander Atamanov, CEO of Hoversurf, the Dubai Police has entered into a MoU of Agreement with the Dubai Police and has been asked to open the Dubai area for the large-scale manufacture of the Dubai Police car.

See the new Dubai Police Scorpion in operation below and browse through the above galleries to learn more about the flying world.

Moto race in a flying future

Will you be able to fly a flying moto bicycle with exciting moto tricks and gunshots to assassinate the foes that travel in the luxurious surroundings? The Futurist Flying Moto Stun Race is intended for all enthusiasts of flying moto matches, GP motorsport and flying, simulations and aircraft flying matches.

Speed up your bicycle and do tricks and drives with every new motorcycle model in this fun-filled flying motorcycle race. The Flying Moto Adventurer is a motor gun battle in which you'll also be able to experience the freeride modes with motorcycle tricks. Get your engine started and get ready for the all-new Moto GP flying stunt simulator.

So if you like flying auto packs, flying planes, then this pack is just the thing for you to become a Supermotoilot. An exciting feeling of riding a motorcycle on the street and flying into the skies in the meantime, performing stunning tricks with ground-breaking motorcycle designs and breathtaking 3-D graphic, which will also inspire the Flying Cars stunt simulations.

Race the moto like in a quick and frantic race to become the true driver. You' ll be learning to shoot and attack in freeride. Evacuate all planes with your extrem flying on the bicycle. Check out our amazing aerial stamps to become the champions of motorcycling and shootout in all the celebrities. Bicycle like a plane driver in this superbike-shooter.

Good luck with the moto riders.

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