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List of currently available Business Jet aircraft for sale. Explore the distinctive Gulf Stream properties, plots and houses for sale. The Gulfstream G650 jet for sale What does it take to buy a Gulfstream G650? Pricing ranges from $46,000,000,000 to $54,500,000, of which 29 are currently for sale. Choose brand and type above to find more privatefly owned aircraft for sale.

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Gulf Stream in South Florida is a delightful city located between the Palm Beaches and Boca Raton on the A1A highway. Featuring miles of beaches, world-class courses and a number of club resort-style establishments to enjoy all the benefits of Atlantic life, the neighbourhood is a great success for locals and tourists.

Remarkable scarcity of business activities in the surrounding areas create an unspoilt environment that provides unparalleled tranquillity for locals to indulge in their luxurious Gulf Stream houses. However, simple gateway to the busy Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach in South Florida hub via Interstate 95 makes sure that Gulf Stream inhabitants are never far from the best places to entertain and tour in the area.

The Gulf Stream property portfolio consists mainly of large single-family homes overlooking the inland waterways or the Atlantic Atlantic coast. There is a small choice of condominiums to give Gulf Stream property buyers a welcome change; the low-rise properties are opposite Highway A1A and have smaller studios and individual room layouts. Featuring privately owned car parks, en-suite beaches and modernised interior spaces, condominiums offer a more affordably priced way to experience many of the same benefits in South Florida.

Much of the Gulf Stream's story can be traced back to the early 1900's building of Florida's A1A motorway; the historical beach promenade, constructed as a more attractive landscape option to Route 1 via the inland waterways, allowed automobiles to travel from Jacksonville to Miami, with an almost ubiquitous view of the Atlantic Ocean.

A better approach resulted in property growth, and in the early 1920s Gulf Stream greeted a syringe of money from the Henry Phipps Jr. founding U.S. Steel with Andrew Carnegie. Properties used for playing greens and playing field such as the still existing Gulf Stream Club soon followed suit with season residencies in the expanding town.

Founded in 1925, the area went through highs and lows during the Great Depression and the Second World War, but from the sixties onwards continued to grow with the building of large properties and a second course. Today's Gulf Stream is home to many of the stylish homes that were built in the 1920' s and are well connected to the flourishing gulf and polar communities of the district.

Whilst the Gulf Stream's formal borders offer few opportunities to go out, local people jump directly over the Delray Beach to find a variety of dining facilities within view of the intra-coastal waters. The inhabitants of the Gulf Stream enjoy seaside deli and convenience for on-the-go snacks at any time of the year. Nomad Surf Shop is located in a former petrol filling place and has been serving the inhabitants of the Gulf Stream for over 45 years.

There is an amazing choice of windsurfing equipment, beachwear and equipment for a sunny South Florida outing. Snowboard rental and instruction by experienced professionals will also help anyone who is thinking about getting into the game, improving their lives on the beaches and taking full benefit of them.

Whilst the Gulf Stream does not organise its own social activities, ease of entry to neighbouring Boynton Beach, directly opposite the intra-coastal strait, makes sure inhabitants are never far from an entertaining and family-friendly meeting. Boynton Beach is home to a number of free annual venues, featuring Movies in the Park and Music on the Rack.

While the former pampers participants in beloved movies under the starry sky with snacks and deck chairs, the latter pampers the best South Florida groups with happily hours of drinks and meals from locals.

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