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Taxis from Mexico are a common means of transport in most cities in the country. Stop by and give us a call to cover all your taxi service needs. What does a taxi cost in Mexico City, Mexico? Taxi service in Mexico City.

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Taxis from Mexico are a popular means of transport in most Mexican towns and cities. Your taxi is the most popular means of transport. Taxis in Mexico generally have very low tariffs in comparison to the more commercially advanced states. Mexico City has more than 140,000 taxis,[2] making it one of the biggest taxi fleet in the entirety.

State-of-the-art taxis in the state originated in 1970, when the Mexican federal administration took steps to provide Mexico City with an inexpensive taxi. In place of the large automobiles that were used in the 50s and 60s, the Volkswagen Sedán (Beetle Typ 1) was chosen as the vehicle for taxis. These were dyed with yellows and whites on the top.

However, in the later 70s, cars other than cabs, such as the Nissan Tsuru and the Datsun 160J, also began to drive. At some point in the early 1990s, the administration changed the color of cabs and other means of transportation such as peseros to light blue to give an idea of "eco-traffic", and the Volkswagens began to be known as " taxiis ecológicos" (ecological taxis).

Soon very few very few yellows drove through the town, although it is still possible to see some of them from time to time - and a yellows colour chart is used by a privately owned airports taxi firm "Yellow Cab" and another named "Sitio-300". Meanwhile, in 2003, the authorities changed the colours again - to a full whiteness vehicle with a strip of crimson on both sides of the panel.

In 2008 the colours again turned chestnut brown with gold roofs and a line of the Angel of Independence, the symbols of the town. VW Beetles, however, are still very widespread at a point in the history of the company that is probably the most beloved taxi in the state. According to Mexico law in Mexico City ( "Mexico City"), since 2001, four-door vehicles with a blank top must be four-door vehicles (in opposition to privately owned or "Taxis de sitio").

Prior to 2001, most taxis were Volkswagen beetles with blank roofs. Initially they were yellows with blank roofs until they were modified in the mid-1990s (allegedly because of the yellows as the colour of the Partido de la Revolución Democrática, the Partido de la Revolución Democrática's office, which then competed with the Partido Revolucionario Institucional for the recently established head of the federal district's government office, which is usually associated with the greens).

Technically, one should describe taxis as ecologically sound "ecológicos", but they are exactly the same ones that pollute Volkswagen Beetles. In 2004 Matchbox introduced a 1:64 scaled version of the Volkswagen saloon, which was published as the "Beetle Taxi".

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