Best International Flight Airfare

The best international airfare

Long haul flights generally highlight the best and worst qualities of the airlines. Are you planning to fly to an international city soon? The best time to fly internationally. SJO and Liberia International (LIR) and keep your fingers crossed.

Best international airlines: Reading awards 2018

This year' Reader's Choice Poll has selected the best international airline companies in the word (outside the U.S.), with several companies from the Near East and Asia receiving top ratings for premier locations, convenience kit, additional leg room and long-haul travel around the global area. In the midst of a ocean of budgetary routes that serve the land, Icelandair features a broad range of services from 16 US capitals to Reykjavík, its premier saga classic products, classy lounge (also available to economy comfort visitors) and on-board friendliness.

It has also received high ratings from international travellers for its well-equipped terminal lounge and loyality programme, as well as for the latest upgrade of its Premier Economics cab. Even the pilots at the tip of the aircraft have something to laugh about: the wearer has added broader, more chic sleeping berths and tailor-made bed linen from the White Company.

Its US footprint expands further with reasonable fare and the increasing appeal of Dublin as a travel location, with up to 16 weekly trips across the lake during high seasons; Philadelphia and Minneapolis are the latest US extensions on its itinerary. Another favourite of US travellers is the Dublin and Shannon Customs Pre-Approval Programme, which enables them to clear the procedures for the return of leaflets and get to the States as if they were travelling national.

In addition, it recently upgraded its full bed bunk bed version of our existing Bus Division, and it is no wonder that this carrier has become a big hit with street fighters and recreational travellers. At Air France, the importance of high end cooking is taking on a whole new dimension, as even those travelling with a luxury budget are pampered with sparkling wine and three-course menus.

Further highlights include self-service food outlets on more than eight-hour trips, 19-inch width luxury cruise seating, improved complimentary VIP and first-class sleeping accommodations, and stylish terminal lounge facilities that have made Air France a trusted fan base among even the most discerning passengers. Recent innovation, such as a chic premier economics area, pre-ordered on-board dining and loading harbours at each seating position, have strengthened their profiles with experienced travellers.

In the three most important airports - Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm - as well as in other important towns such as New York - the first-class lounge offers a buffet with Nordic specialities. KLM's prime economic staterooms have received enthusiastic criticism for their seating quality, and their Amsterdam turnstile is a popular stop-over point.

Travellers love the high value dining and exquisite Australia wine serving in all staterooms, with the small luxury economics area on the A380's top decks just behind Bus Division offering extra leg room and a refreshment area. Rather than being a cumbersome flag-ship operator, with an emphasis on on-board services and kitchens, the company sees itself as a shop operator that is appreciated by clients wherever they sit.

A further plus is the Zurich hubs, where passengers can make rapid flights or train trips to European cities. EVA in Taipei is known for its superior services, well-trained crews and the Hello Kitty aircraft that are recognised worldwide today. The leading Turkish carrier has received enthusiastic praise for its delicious food, convenient seating and responsive in-flight services.

Long-haul non-stop service to Istanbul from Miami and Atlanta has extended the airline's US footprint to nine gateway destinations, giving travellers easy entry to the airline's beloved stop-over programme and a variety of links to thousands of European and Asian destinations. Lufthansa in Germany, one of the world's largest carriers in terms of the scale and breadth of its global service base, has also fundamentally revised its in-flight services:

Recently, a premier economics area and completely new couch couches were launched in our top range segment. The Cathay Pacific service makes it easy for passengers to travel from the USA to the Far East and provides five everyday New York alone frequencies and in-flight convenience for those who spend 16 hour high.

As well as the award-winning First and Blue VIP staterooms (with lie-flat seats), a recently freshened luxury Economics stateroom with a glas of bubbly wine and a warm bath towel on board felt more "premium" than a bus. The unmistakable Virgin Atlantic lifestyle is gaining a broader public as the Delta relationship provides entry to more than a hundred US travel locations. The legendary Upper Classic has totally shallow berths and a bordbar, and Virgin retains its lead with trans-atlantic aircraft in all grades and receives good grades in the Entertainment and Website category.

Reader feedback also praises the Premier Economics section, which has pleasant accents such as warm hand towels and a welcome cocktail. Korea Air always gets good grades for its comfort seating and interior, but what distinguishes Korea Air from other carriers is the focus on refined dining in every category of airline. For example, leaflets in the cabins are given to the guests with newly blanched fresh leaf teas and heated bibimbaps.

Etihad of Abu Dhabi now has what we believe to be the best possible convenience for the future: a "three-room residence" (as they call it) with a master suite, bathroom with en-suite facilities and living room. On some of the longest journeys in the history of the Kiwi airline, the airline takes special care of seating convenience; the leg room in its wide-bodied aircraft is generous, and they have a "skycouch" in several bus lines that provides additional room for families.

Businessmen with a limited purse can choose a place in the extended premier economic section, and all grades receive the famous New Zealand wines. This year' s new service: non-stop Chicago to Auckland on board a 787 Dreamliner. With 16 hrs it is the longest flight from O'Hare in Chicago.

Joining the two aircraft allows for lower cab pressures and higher air humidities, which can reduce the impact of Jetlag, especially if you connect to points beyond the Qatar Doha lift. The brandnew QuSuite Businessclass, which can be equipped with twin bed and four-person suite, has received enthusiastic criticism from the flyers.

The fancy discounts offered by the Emirates for top-tier pilots - coctail lounge facilities, in-flight showering - may attract all the interest, but that's only part of why it gets so high on travellers' list of priorities. Featuring a thriving Airbus A380 aircraft family, a state-of-the-art 1,800-channel seat-back seating system and Wi-Fi connectivity, Airbus, headquartered in Dubai, is rated highly in all areas, from in-flight furnishings to meals and beverages to seating comforts.

Even the executive lounge areas scored well with shower facilities and tranquil rooms in Dubai and important locations such as London and New York City. It' no wonder that the airline gets so much attention and usually achieves top grades in three areas: seating convenience, in-flight services and dependability. They also win back the crest for the world's longest flight, with an almost 19-hour non-stop flight between New York and Changi Airport's hubs, aboard their chic new Airbus A350.

Bonuses: The flight does not include a carriage seating and only offers Executive classes and Premier economies.

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