Taxi Badge Prices

Prices for taxi badge

The prices for taxi medallions in New York seem to have reached a new low. Taxis dues and taxes| License table of dues and taxes

Unless you extend your license on or before the expiration date and your request is submitted within one calender month of the expiration date, your request will be subjected to a Grant of License charge as described in the Grant of License section above. They shall not be subjected to further testing unless otherwise stated.


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If a second license is granted, both licenses will run synchronously. The available reduction for cars with a CO2 output of no more than 150 or ultra-low CO2 output cars is effective from 1 June 2011. The available reduction for cars with a CO2 output of no more than 150 or ultra-low CO2 output cars is effective from 1 June 2011.

The above licenses are now valid for 5 years. In order to prevent claimants from having to foot a high bill for the entire 5-year license duration, we have ensured that the costs are distributed over the license duration. Therefore, the annuity listed below is due each year to keep the license in effect.

District Council Chesterfield - Taxis

Existing policies have been in place since April 2018, when they were reviewed by the Complaints and Regulatory Committee to take into consideration the proposals of commercial agents on the Advisory Committee. Advisory Taxi Committee (TCC). TCC convenes four and a half meetings a year to address issues of interest, enforcement, license policies and practices, etc. with taxi trading community officials on taxi license or trading issues.

TCC represents the entire range of transport of Hackney vehicles and residential rentals and ensures that all licensees are consulted so that the advice can make sound choices. TCC memberships consist of 3 selected local councils, 3 holders of driving licences for the Hackney coach (driver or owner) and 3 holder of driving licences for privately rented vehicles (driver, owner or operator).

At the request of members of the trading community who represented members of ethnical minorities in the trading community (one each from the field of horse-drawn carriages and personal leasing), two of the six seats assigned to members of the trading community should be occupied. Please find here detailed information on the sessions of the Advisory Taxi Committee.

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