Taxi Cab Ride

Taxicab ride

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An unforgettable taxi ride from New York to Los Angeles.

Take the cab to take you from New York to Los Angeles? Or at least the dad of John Belitsky, himself a former taxi cabbie, said when he learned of his son's plans to give $5,000 to a taxi cabbie to take him and his boyfriend Dan Wuebben from the East Coast to the West Coast.

On the trip, six workingdays and 3,000 mile later, Belitsky placed an exclamation mark with a simple contribution on his Twitter page: It may have been simple to write that phrase, but the trick wasn't -- at least not for Mohammed Alam, the taxi cab drover who abandoned his grieving wife and daughter to survive several night's sleep with a couple of foreigners.

with a little help from his new boyfriends. In a YouTube videotape, one of them, Wuebben -- an British prof -- said that he didn't hesistate when Belitsky advanced what he "just thought... was a great idea". "And when ( Belitsky ) said that I would do that, you would do that to me, I kind of said yes and knew that John had a whole bunch of ideas," Wuebben said.

" Belitsky, an investor banking professional, was inspired by the wish to remember his dad. "Right now the walking approach is that we will bring it to some filmmakers when we get there and see what happens," he said to a video shot that' kept by clouds.

They couldn't do it alone, not without a genuine, lifelike New York taxi cab owner at the helm. It would be difficult, as Belitsky found out when he asked such a rider - who was rolling up his windows without even trying to reply. Having thought they had taken a ride with another taxi rider (who consented to do it just to get turned away by his chief, according to Belitsky's Twitter post), the two found Alam at LaGuardia Airport, Queens Bough of New York City on April 16.

These three went to Alam's house so the rider could grab a few pockets and say good-bye to his crying wifes, kid and family. On the way, they captured their views on Twitter in 140-figure burned images and with a video surveillance system they had purchased at a New Jersey Best Buy just before departure.

When they came to Omaha, Nebraska -- Wuebben's home town -- Alam was tired and willing to cede. For almost two whole day he had been driving without any significant peace and quiet and refused to let Belitsky and Wuebben take the taxi because they were not duly licenced. He was still missing from his New York home. His wife and kid were still concerned about him.

And Belitsky tried to convince him to go on. "Now Alam is taking time out in my old room, talking to his old lady and trying to fix it," Wuebben said on Twitter. "After a pause, Alam turned around and the three of them started off again. Driving through the Rocky Mountains and to Denver, a dizzy Alam and Belitsky saw the Grand Canyon from there.

We' re on the HOV track," Wuebben said on Twitter when the taxi was rolling through Los Angeles. At the end of their missions, the two buddies said they were not sure if they would take the taxi back to their job, their home and their life in New York. Although Belitsky on Twitter persisted that the taxi driver was "NOT alone", Alam had no other option....

" It was an adventurous journey for the two companions, a challenge and a way to show that one of the fathers was right. It was sometimes a bad idea for Alam, but it was also a trauma and a great opportunity to make a difference. "As it began with his own thoughts, Belitsky on Twitter said that he believed that the journey would mean more to her new boyfriend Alam than to anyone else.

"Nobody will ever comprehend how much Alam wanted this," he said.

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