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Meaning "flying standby" now & how to do it There is something happy about travelling, and nothing clarifies the concept more than coming to the airports without a valid flight pass and hope to achieve something. Once upon a time, flight stand-by was just that: a way to save a lot of money on the fare if your flight plan was extremely agile. Unfortunately, those few hours are over.

Everywhere, U.S. carriers (as well as most major internationals ) have halted the practice of allowing travellers to travel without a prepaid fare. Some of the reasons for this shift in states were safety worries in a post-September 11 environment - and some capacitance algorithm that allowed carriers to fill more aircraft with pay guests.

Today it usually happens that a payer could request a place on an early morning plane on a date for which he already has a fare (e.g. a 9 o'clock plane ride from Detroit to Orlando instead of a 1:30 p.m. fare between the same airports).

After all these changes, here's what you need to know about flight in stand-by mode. Do I still get to go stand-by? Could you just show up at the airports without a fare and hope to get somewhere for little money? Airline companies no longer allow you to queue at the desk in the hope of getting a "stand-by flight" and fill the last slot of a departure plane.

Purchasing a fare on the same trip would be the opposite of saving cash - last-minute fares are amazingly high. "Today floating standby" usually means an unverified (i.e. without a reserved seat) same-day air travel modification requiring a prepaid fare.

There is also the possibility of a certified on the same date modification, which basically gives you a place for another on the same date of your initial booking - for a lower charge than the standard one. That' s less expensive because you run the risk that the other flights are not all booked out.

In case of uncommitted stand-by a charge may apply. "But the only case in which "flying standby" in the vernacular - just showing up at the airfield and getting on a plane - still works is when you know someone who works for (or retires from) an air carrier. These allow the passport owner to travel on stand-by only for the costs of tax and charges on the tickets.

But as you might think, you have to stay at the airfield until a plane has an open area. However, if you are looking for a stand-by trip and want to store a package, it is best to make friends with someone who works for an air carrier. Certain carriers will have you registered by telephone or on-line to be on the stand-by lists, but these choices may only be available for approved same-day changes.

Other people may ask you to show up at the airports and talk to an operative or at least use the newsstands at the airports. Every carrier has a specific screen in which you can also make this adjustment, be it a few flights from your planned departures or after 12 p.m. on the morning of the week or 24 flights before you book.

JetBlue says that if you already have a JetBlue ticketing, there is no stand-by air travel on flights that travel only once a day, and you can only stop stand-by in front of you for the entire trip. There are many that restrict the possibilities to your initial start and end airport and to flights between certain areas (mostly the USA and Canada and sometimes the Caribbean).

No matter whether you are a ticket holder or a holder of a Budapest passport, you will want to arrive as early as possible if you cannot get on the telephone or on-line listing. This means in most cases that you will show up a few short flights before the first one. This maximizes your chance of succeeding by putting your customers on the stand-by queue according to the "first come, first served" principle.

When using a Budapest passport, prepare to remain for the last trip of the night as airline companies put buying clients first. Do not give up or go until the plane you are trying to reach actually departs; you never know when there may be short-term changes. Which other possibilities are there for cheap, agile trips?

Airline companies have become incredibly effective at refuelling aircraft, which has given them greater leveraging to keep fares high and stable. For last-minute savings, contact the low-cost airline companies (Southwest, JetBlue, Spirit, Frontier, etc.) and try to avoid flying at unfavourable hours - flights that start very early or later.

When you have planning times, you should be traveling on less busy dates. Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best travelling times in a normal weekly period and prevent shop commute, which can result in lower rates. Do you have any other hints you can tell about the new face of the stand-by system?

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