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pre-paid cabin

Select a prepaid amount when requesting a taxi. This is a new way of advance payment for your trip! Don't take a prepaid taxi. It'?s better than that to take a mega-cab taxi.

Mumbai Forum - what is a prepaid cab?

Just got back from Mumbai two and a half nights ago. We were 4 and 4 bags, I did, as already noted, asked for a prepaid cab at the desk. Accidentally we traveled in a regular MUmbai cab, but in blues, with the boot open and bound with a string to prevent our luggage from falling off.

More than 2hrs because of the heavy weather, awkward and extremely warm. We were a little disappointed by the wait. At the end was a fun anecdote, but the first Mumbai experience was somewhat creepy on the cab and with the high-speed ride.

Taxis prepaid tariffs @ 13CABS

Therefore, it is required by statute that the driver receives an advance deposit of the estimate ticket price between these times. Vouchers for all prepaid tariffs are available on your driver's enquiry. Outside these times, the driver may demand evidence of receipt at any fortnight. Ask our rate calculator to help you estimate the advance for your cabaret.

pre-paid cards

This is a new way of advance payment for your journey! The Yellow Cab Company has recently updated its technologies to allow advance payment for your journey when you call our dispatching centre. You can call 813-666-666-6666 to give your customer service representative your details in advance. Once your journey is complete, your ticket will be debited and you can leave the cab without having to queue!

This not only simplifies the procedure, but also helps save travellers valuable travel times and costs. There is no more need to wait for authorisations and no more idle credit on your present tickets. Every trip you make, you always get paid for it. If you currently have vouchers with credit left over, you can use your Prepaid Voucher as long as the balance is not used up.

No refund will be given for any idle credit under the terms of the contract of acceptability that you confirmed at the point of sale. Disabled further charging of monies to the map. If you would like to verify the credit on your credit cards, please click on the following links.

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