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Private Jets Launch! In the last few months, a prosperous Middle Eastern couple spent $500,000 chartering a private plane to Europe. In the private aviation industry, the award for the large Boeing Business Jet was not too uncommon. "Carol Cork, Head of Market Development at PrivateFly, the London-based aircraft charters firm that took care of the Middle East reservations, said, "We were amazed.

" The private jets business and its affluent customers are quickly becoming highly mobilized. Whilst many aerospace analysts were predicting that the affluent would never make $500,000 flight (or even $50,000 flight) on their cell phone, the markets are quickly showing that they are mad. PrivatelyFly said it expected its app listings to more than match a percentage of next year's revenue at 15 per cent.

It said that a rising number of its apps are coming from corporate travellers who have been run aground at an airport due to cancelled or late corporate travel. Mr Cork said that when Heathrow recently had to shut down, several customers went on their iPhone and took a private flight. It also said that the corporation sees heavy app postings from the tech-magnatos.

"Our app clients' profiles are that they are tech businessmen with an interest in the tech, or individuals who want privacy in their bookings," she said. Said that PrivateFly still needs to be called by the customer to make the final payments because the amounts are so high. However, Cork said that for some consumers, first of all, posting via an app is "more convenient".

" BlackJet, the San Francisco-based charters firm, has also developed a burgeoning commercial aviation app market. Instead of reserving aircraft, BlackJet clients reserve single places in private aircraft. Dean Rotchin, BlackJet founder and CEO, said that approximately half of the reservations are now made through the company's app. "They' re technically proficient folks who enjoy the thought that they can reserve a place on their mobile with just 10 taps," he said.

Aircraft applications are particularly appealing to businesses that reserve seating instead of whole aircraft because seating is less expensive and appeals to a much wider population. Customers can then reserve a place in a private plane. From New York to Florida, a flight can be between $1,700 and $2,000. Seating in a Los Angeles to New York plane usually costs about $3,500 one way.

"We' re opening up private air travel to a million more passengers," said Rothchin. "Many of them find the app the easiest way to make a reservation. "Not every jets business is confident about the power of applications. Blue Star's Todd Rome said that while applications can raise consciousness and create a wider audience, ultra-rich customers, who are at the heart of the private jets industry, still choose to spend their free hours or telephone hours when making reservations.

"He said, our deal was always made from man to man." "Bradley Stewart, CEO of XOJet, the private airline, said that common private jet passengers still require a vote and individual at the other end of the deal. Said it was unlikely that very affluent passengers would ever switch only to booking and flight managements applications.

" Said he added that his clients don't request applications and "they tell me they're not moving away from using another vocal. "Nevertheless, many private jets are rushing to create new applications. Headquartered in New York, Gotham Jets, the New York-based aerospace consulting and executive search firm, has begun work on an app to be launched early next year.

Said the firm said applications give consumers instant online control over real-time information about the aircraft and flight information available to them, previously reserved primarily for brokerage and charters. "There' definitely a app and app store there," said Gotham Jet CEO Gianpaolo De Felice.

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