Taxi call Center

Taxicab Call Center

Item category Customer Service/Call Center/Dispatch/Reservant/Scheduler. Tailor-made & cost-effective multi channel (voice, web, email, SMS, chat, social media) contact center solutions to handle bookings & enquiries.

Whether you need a taxi in yellows, blacks, whites or blues, ask us what we can do for you!

It' 2:00 a.m., the last call is over, and a barkeeper calls your taxi service to stop someone from going home wasted. Telephone is ringing, but no answer. A hectic traveller calls your shipment. Her dispatchers were occupied trying to juggle call after call, so he was missing those two and probably many more.

With over 300 well-trained, seasoned carriers, our staff can process tens of millions of incoming daily callers, so you'll never miss a call or potentially loose a ticket again.

Over 78% of sales opportunity is wasted due to low or low levels of client support. Do you really think you can afford losing so many people? Approximate taxi fare: $15. At about $3 a night, SAS provides fast shipping and no missing phone call or tariffs. That' s why we offer round-the-clock language support for innumerable large and small companies across the state.

Fast answer is everything in your business, so our employees are required to answer every incoming call within 3 calls or less. Calls to your taxi will profit from an almost instant connection to your taxi company, resulting in higher revenues. 24 / 7 service: We are always available, 24 h a day, 7 d a w and 365 d a year.

Knowing that cabs are needed at unforeseen hours, we are always operational and pledge that your clients will be welcomed by a polite, professionally staffed call centre agent whenever they call. Our on-call staff is proficient in both English and Spanish, so you don't have to be concerned about having a linguistic obstacle and possible rates.

Your call will be reviewed by our experts according to your defined requirements, and we can forward these to the appropriate employee by telephone, text, e-mail or beacon. Cone concierge service: Our guests are expecting our services. And we can organise wake-up call for early mornings shuttle buses, make driver alerts near pick-up times to keep everyone on track, and even handle pre-arrival payment to provide your customer with comfort.

Their taxi company doesn't work in a vac. Regardless of whether we accept incoming phone call or offer virtually supported on-line reservation and payments, our call center agent offers a higher level of telecommunication connectivity allowing you to expand your customer bases and increase your profits.

Their clients need the assurance that a quick, dependable and professional taxi service provider will offer them the service they need, whenever they need it. All our staff are excellently qualified and we see ourselves as an expansion of your enterprise. Not only do our offerings deliver client experience, they also enable you to deploy your existing staff more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Providing the leading-edge technologies, knowledge and associated cost to hire and train the industry's best customer support engineers. Payment is made only for the specific network access you use, resulting in lower management fees for your company. Resource efficiency is the keys to your bottom line, and we offer the call response solution you need to optimize your operation.

Because we are so confident that you will immediately see the advantages of our excellent range of products and solutions, we are offering all new customers a free 2-week probationary period. There are no games and no obligations to register with our site. Working with the right voicemail can give you the advantage you need to differentiate yourself from other taxi companies in the region.

Call us today. SPECIALITY is the premier taxi response company, dedicated to providing your clients with outstanding customer support regardless of their budgets.

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