Learjet Company for Sale

The Learjet Company for sale

Analyzer: Selling Learjet more and more plausible. Bombardier spokesperson said the company would not talk about "speculation" about Learjet's doom. "Our immediate priority is to sell aeroplanes in a very fiercely contested sector in a very hostile manner - including pricing aggressiveness and cutting down prices to be more able to competitively serve this market," he said to AIN. "The Learjet 75 provides unsurpassed performances compared to competitors", he notes, "it has a low bottom, low running expenses, a reach of 2,040 nm and a recently launched body-hold.

In the first half of the year, only six Learjet 70/75s were sold by Bombardier, up from 14 in the same quarter last year. Last year a series of 32 Learjet 70/75s were supplied.

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Originally the Learjet 23 was a six- to eight-seater and was first flown on 7 October 1963, the first serial produced aircraft was shipped in October 1964. A little over a month later Lear Jet became a public limited company. The company was rebranded Lear Jet Industries Inc. on September 19 of the same year.

By 1974 the global Learjet fleets had passed the million-hour milestone and in 1975 the company was producing the company's 450th Learjet. Until the end of 1976, the company had raised the number of planes manufactured per months to 10. The Learjet 28 made its maiden voyage on 24 August 1977.

Learjet 28/29 was built on Learjet 25 and had a complete new winglet wingset, which resulted in better power and lower mileage. Learjet 28/29 was the first serial airplane to use these singlets - which are commonly used in most corporate and passenger airliners today.

Longhorn " was the name given to the short-lived Learjet 28/29 range and some of the more popular aircraft that followed. The Gates Learjet was taken over by Integrated Acquisition in 1987 and renamed Learjet Corporation the following year. Next year, 1990, Bombardier Aerospace bought the Learjet Corporation.

These planes were then sold as the "Bombardier Learjet Family". The Learjet 60 medium-size plane made its maiden voyage on 10 October 1990, followed by the Learjet 45 on 7 October 1995. Bombardier Learjet started a fire new programme of airplanes in October 2007, the Learjet 85. This was the first FAR Part-25 All composite airplane.

Bombardier celebrates the historical 45-year jubilee of its first Learjet ride on October 7, 2008. In memory of this, Bombardier BPA ( a Bombardier inc. division) chose to start the Year of Learjet initiative, a one-year event to recognize Learjet's pioneering contributions to the personal corporate aviation world.

The Farnborough Air Show was one of the most remarkable occasions of this ceremony, when Lewis Hamilton, a Formula 1 Wunderkind, drove a Learjet and won.

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