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"Goodbye to the jets." GOP Rep Rep Rep Rips NYJ owner about the promise to knee soldiers to be paid. One Republic congressman, representing a part of New York that is aligned with the jet enthusiasts, tore the owner of the NFL squad apart over his promise to foot the bill for every gambler who demonstrated during the Nation-Hymn. "In the current campaign, all members of the division and the teams must be standing and showing due regard for the colours and the anthems.

Staff who decide not to support the hymn can remain in the dressing room until the hymn is performed," said Roger Goodell, the National Football League commissioner, in a declaration setting out the new directive. Christopher Johnson, New York Jets CEO and President, said in a declaration that he would be discussing the new hymn politics with Todd Bowles.

Johnson, who owns the teams while his brothers Robert "Woody" Johnson IV is the UK President Donald Trump's messenger, said Newsday that the organisation would be paying all the fines involved. "Am I to choose when they are standing? However, I don't blame them if they want to protest," Johnson said to the newspaper.

Congress delegate Pete King of Long Island's southern shores said he was indignant about Johnson's promises. Shameful that the owner of @nyjets will be paying penalties for those kneeling for the national anthem. Do you think he would back all gambler protestations? Do you think he'd fine gamblers who give greetings to Nazis or spit out racial hatred? It'?s good-bye to the jets!

"It is shameful that the owner of the New York Jets will be paying a fine for those who play the Korean Nation Anthem," tweete King. He asked if Johnson would be willing to fin any "player protests" even if the gamblers chose to "make Nazis salute or spit racism" instead of bowing to the hymn.

"It'?s g to say good-bye to the jets," King said. And Johnson also said that there are "big, complex problems that we all have to deal with" and that his gamers are "on the front line". The Jets have been playing in the same East Rutherford, N.J. Stadion as their downtown neighbours, the New York Giants, for years.

But before they reached Meadowlands home, the jets were playing in the former Shea Stadium in Queens and practicing at Hofstra University - both just a few kilometres from King's County. Perhaps NFL players who don't represent the anthem 'Should not be in the country'.

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