Taxi in Anchorage from Airport

Anchorage taxi from the airport

Anchorage taxi approvals scheduled for May On Tuesday, a waiver regulation known as Proposal 8 collapsed with more than 7,500 voters, smoothing the way for new taxonomic expansion in Anchorage that has not been seen for years. "This is a protracted problem in the taxi cab industry that will really be raised in the future," said Anchorage Transport Inspector Eric Musser.

In the next five years, the community will provide 116 new taxi fees for sale. Approvals are issued year after year in batch form and complement the 188 existing approvals. Mr Musser said that he expected the first group of 15 general usage licences and five disabled licences to be available by the end of May.

The invitation to tender for these authorisations will be resumed as soon as the results of the elections have been confirmed. "There was a lot of interest, and the telephones have already rung and asked when we will start this (bid) procedure again," Musser said. Proposal 8 was an attempt by the taxi industry select committee to avoid the entry into force of a recently adopted regulation extending taxi fees.

Prop 8's'yes' drive reasoned that the value of their existing authorisations would be watered down by new taxi cars on the roads. More than $107,500 was spend by the election to overturn the prescription, but the electorate did not agree. "At last we have come over the hill and have adopted the law and now survive the referenda.

It' s case to put it on the cognition and see if it really entirety," wrote maker to the concept, gathering uniter Bill Evans. In Anchorage airport, taxi operators feared that they might lose cash, which could lead to greater rivalry. Whilst many chauffeurs had the "Yes" sticker on Prop 8 on their cars, some admitted there was room for growth in the Anchorage taxi rental area.

"No big room, but you can accommodate some of them here," said Nahid Sarwar, and added that he's more concerned about rides like Uber and Lyft that come to Anchorage than new cabs. The rejection of proposal 8 does not open the way for Uber and Lyft, but in recent months a special regulation, adopted in the Anchorage Assembly, has laid down rules for the commencement of the operation of ride-sharing within the town.

"Evans said, "The aim is to make the taxi business itself ever more powerful and better, and it will be better able to rival it when it comes to the city. Perhaps, even if the electorate rejects the referenda, the battle over taxi fares is not yet over. Mr Evans said that the taxi industy has in the past been threatening a legal action against the regulation, and he "would not be surprised" if the community faces a suit in the near term.

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