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Join us for a special price! You can also choose from a variety of selected Light Jet printer brands. The Epson 9600 vs. Lightjet 5000 Epson 9600 is a large 44 " printer that uses a clever ink jet system to produce images that truly compete with the best photo reproductions. Lightjet 5000 is a light -sensitive photo magnifier that uses colour - filtering laser to expose light-sensitive papers.

RA4 -Chemie then develops the printed products in the same way as a conventional C-print is used.

There is no injection of inks into the print engine. The Epson project has concentrated on resolving some of the issues traditionally associated with pigment inks, such as restricted colour space (especially in the red tones) and metalamerism (prints that change colour in different light environments). Ultrrachrome droplets of paint are separately covered with resins so that they are smoother on the surface and minimise the effect of metallization.

Varying droplet sizes ensure a very even tone gamut and gradation. What does a 9600 impression look like compared to a Lightjet impression? 9600 colour proofs are colour tighter, because there is no emulsifier in the papers, like with the Lightjet - the emulsifier easily softens the picture.

Don't get us wrongly - light nozzles are surprisingly hot! It'?s just that 9600 photos are a handful hotter! The 9600 has a slightly broader colour gamut in some of the sleek blue/cyan and red and yellow tones than the Lightjet - again, both are superb, but some colours outside the Lightjet gamut work well with the 9600.

Lightjet's dMax is slightly better than Epson's, so when it comes to maximising the deepness of the black areas of the picture, you may want to use Lightjet. There are different types of finish. Fuji Crystal Archive used with the Lightjet has a slightly different finish than the Epson 9600.

The Lightjet is recommended if you want a real shiny finish, to prevent "gloss differences" - the light tanning effect of pigmented ink on bright lustre coated surfaces. The Lightjet print is available in up to 48 x 96" size. The Epson 9600 can print up to 44" in any length. To sum up, both Lightjet and 9600 Ultra Chrome imprints are setting the standards for the most refined photo reproductions.

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