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Arrange your transfer to and from Gran Canaria Airport now and avoid the confusion of landing in Las Palmas. & B Taxis is the leading provider of airport transfers in the region. Reserve your taxi now for the transfer from/to Mallorca Airport (PMI. Now the airport consists of four modules:

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Airport Transfers & Gran Canaria Airport Taxis

The airport of Gran Canaria (or Las Palmas Airport) is the fifth largest airport in Spain with an avarage of more than 10 passengers per year. There are three airport terminal buildings in a unique structure. Zone's are: B for other intercontinental services and to and from other Canary Islands.

It is located 18 kilometres from the main city of Las Palmas and 25 kilometres from the famous southern beach of the isle. The Gran Canaria Airport offers several amenities to make sure you have a pleasant time at the airport while you wait for your plane. More information about Gran Canaria Airport accessibility can be found on the airport's website.

You will also find an exchange bureau in the EU arrivals hall and one on the first floor of the check-in hall. In all three areas there are cash dispensers, while a mailroom is located in the International Arrivals Hall.

In the branches of Zone A, B and C there are various possibilities to enjoy something to drink and dine. In the cafés there are easy dishes and refreshments, while the Carlsberg bars serve beers and other alcohol beverages. There is a complete listing of Gran Canaria Airport dining facilities on the company's website.

After passing the airport entrance checkpoint, there are tax -free stores, while elsewhere there is a large variety of stores that sell all types of items such as sweets, magazines, books, sweets, perfume, alcohol, tobaccos, jewelry, sports goods and attire. There is also a pharmacy in the airport's central area, between Zone A and Zone B. You can find a listing of stores on the Gran Canaria Airport website.

Galdós Airport has a VIP Lounge in Zone A and Aena VIP Lounge in Zone B and C with some shopping opportunities. We also have a meeting room for 79 persons for zone B and C. There is a children's playground at the airport and some nursery area.

There is an cybercafé in departure hall A. There is a first aid station on the first floor of Zone A, while the chemist's is located in the airport's central general area, between Zone A and Zone B. For more information on Gran Canaria Airport, please consult the company's website.

If you choose a personal shuttle from or to Gran Canaria airport, you will ensure that your vacation has a seamless beginning and end. Particularly if you're traveling with kids or taking exercise gear with you, you probably don't want to rot on local transportation or have to contend with harsh winters.

A number of businesses provide airport transfers in all-wheel driven vans for added security and operators will experience challenging driving situations. As a rule, airport transfers operators know the abbreviations used to overcome congestion at the busy times. Arriving at Gran Canaria airport, your personal airport shuttle will pick you up in the arrival lounge with a board and take you directly to your final destinations.

Privately transferred from Gran Canaria Airport is the most pleasant, easiest and fastest way to get around. Book transfers from Gran Canaria Airport to help conserve the planet and make your trip more economical. Visit our blogs to see a review of the difference between sharing and transferring. There are currently six airport rentals.

You will find our rental offices in the arrivals area, between zone A and B. You will find taxis outside the arrival areas of all three airport areas. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be met by our cab driver in front of the departure area. There is a bus service from outside the arrival lounges of Las Palmas Airport zone A and C.

The busses go to various places in Gran Canaria. Take line 60 to Las Palmas and line 66 to Faro de Maspalomas. Once your plane has arrived at Gran Canaria airport, you should inspect the screens at the lobby entry to find out which roundabout you should take to pick up your baggage.

Area A is concerned with EU air travel and you pick up your baggage at 23, 24, 25 and 30 to 36 designated belt. Area B takes care of all your non-EU travel and you pick up your pockets from the 20, 21 and 22 belt. Zones C handle all interisland services. Travellers who arrive in zones B and C access the arrivals hall within the terminals at the same location.

Directly to the major exits in front of you there is a taxistand and the airport busses. Travelers in zone A access most of the arrivals hall and again there are busses and cabs directly in front of the central entrance. There is a café with refreshments in the arrivals hall, a cash dispenser and some kiosks.

When you enter the departure hall of Gran Canaria Airport, you will find the check-in counters, which operate EU and Canary Islands as well as other non-EU services. Area A is valid for all EU services and dyed rose. Area B is colored blue for departure of non-EU internationals and red for departure of non-EU internationals, while Area C is colored red and yellow for departure between islands and non-EU internationals.

Take-offs will take place on the first flight level, where you should go to the airlines check-in counter to obtain a flight pass and board your baggage. There are 38 piers divided into zones A, B and C. Information on scheduled flights can be found on the Gran Canaria Airport website:

The Gran Canaria Airport offers all the amenities you would want to see to ensure that your stay at the airport is enjoyable while you wait for your plane. Altogether, there are more than 1,500 parkings at Gran Canaria Airport. Temporary and long-term multi-storey cars are parked directly opposite the airport's headquarters.

There are information counters with English-speaking personnel on level 1 of all three airport areas. It also has a tourism information point run by the Gran Canaria Tourism Board in the EU Arrivals Hall. There are also 3 information counters on the first level of Aena. There is an cybercafé in departure hall A.

Las Palmas airport also has WLAN. Las Palmas airport has no hotel, although many of them can be easily accessed in a few moments. Gran Hotel Vecindario Aeropuerto is situated in the immediate vicinity of the airport and offers space for conventions and congresses.

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