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An exhaustive list of Playa del Carmen taxi fares for stops north of Cancun and south of Tulum. Prices Playa del Carmen Taxi These are only a few sampling rates and should only be used as a general guide. Taxis can vary according to many different conditions. Taxi fares are comprehensive with 26 distinct areas, all associated with special charges. The typical taxi fee margin for $25 - $200 is between $50 - $100 per trip.

When you go to or come from Layacar, the price is at least $90p. Whatever the cause, they're charging more for this area. It' called Playa Car, it' called Zones Five. It' s best to ask the chauffeur in beforehand about the charges so you don't get any surprise at your arrival.

From Playa del Carmen: From Playa del Carmen:

The Paris taxi service is now charged a lump sum.

As of Tuesday 1 March, taxi services that take travellers to and from Paris Airport will have to pay a lump sum tax. Although the fixed-rate system was heralded last May, it is only now taking effect. Rather than taxi riders using their conventional measurement system to determine the costs of a trip between the center of the town and Charles de Gaulle and Orly airport - which could be up to 80 euros - they will have to use a new taxota.

This means that if you travel from Charles de Gaulle International you will be charged 55 for a journey somewhere on the left bank and 50 for somewhere on the right bank. When you come from the Orly, it is 30 ? for the left bank and 35 ? for the right bank.

Further changes mean that Parisian taxi riders will no longer be able to demand an additional surcharge for luggage in the trunk or pets. However, they may bill additional customers as soon as the number exceeds four, which would mean 4 per additional one.

There will also be a lump sum for the costs of taxi reservations from an airport in the near term - 4 for immediate reservations and 7 for reservations made in anticipation. Prior to this, taxi drivers had levied a charge based on how far they had traveled to collect their customers.

Whether they travel on bank or weekend breaks, or whether the trip takes place at peak times and is the same during the night as during the working days, the rates are set at set rates, so there is no genuine incentives to work after work. However, the changes that seem positively for the general population are not surprising for taxi riders themselves.

You say that the fact that the flat fare stays the same at night could cause taxi riders to stay in beds like the others, so good luck getting a taxi if you arrive early at the airports. Labbies also argument to fix a fix for the left bank and the right bank seems quite random if the distance can of course be very different.

As the National Taxi Federation says, the best thing would have been to have introduced a "maximum fare" for those who make long trips.

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